Honda Odyssey Ex -L 2021 lease

New to leasing and I’m wondering what money factor residual value and lease or loyalty credits if any I should be looking for with a Honda Odyssey Ex - L 2021 four-door high mileage 15, 000 mi lease zip code 11225

Welcome to the forum. I would recommend that you check out Edmunds for information on residuals and money factors.

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Ooh, it’s been a week or so since we got the customary youtube copy and paste.

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Saying this for your own good. If you know this little about leasing and all the effort you’ve put in has been to watch one stupid YouTube video, then you are probably going to get destroyed in the finance office.

Don’t be like the guy who was so embarrassed about what happened in there that he couldn’t even own it (“my wife signed everything while I was in the restroom!”).

There are two choices for everyone starting off, including all the regulars here who started off in the same position at some point:

A. Educate yourself with all the helpful content here starting with all the articles in the Leasing 101 section (EDITORIAL | LEASEHACKR), and then have an educated discussion about how to make a decent deal better, if possible.

B. Refuse to spend 30-60 minutes on Choice A above and thus remain uneducated about leasing and get taken advantage of every 2-3 years for the rest of one’s life.

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As you research this, here is great resource I’ve found specific to Odyssey’s:

THAT was my wedding.

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