Honda - north east

Haven’t seen any Honda deals posted in the north east marketplace threads. Curious why that is.

very limited inventory.

kinda goes for everything across the board but I know Honda got hit hard.

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Just because there aren’t many Honda brokers doesn’t mean you can’t try yourself.

Look at the Shared deals section.

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When are we even expecting inventory to start improving.

I don’t think inventory is a big problem… we have seen good Pilot and CRV leases for EX and EXL trims

November - December unless another outbreak occurs

Inventory has recovered partially for Honda. My dealer has low inventory on Passports and Pilots but CRV is replenished, so has Civics and accords to my observation

that’s due to the residuals being high especially through outside banks.
I’ve seen it go as high as 70% through a credit union

in general the discounts are not as aggressive as pre corona however.

inventory is ehh depending on what your looking at

Because an acura is cheaper.

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Hopefully inventory picks back up because my lease is up at the end of 2021!!!

As long as it tastes good I don’t think most people care what the recipe is.

OP was asking in regards to the brand as a whole and your basing your opinion off two sub trims of two models.

This is lease hacker, A LOT of people care about the recipe who are you kidding :joy:

I’m gonna use this line next time someone asks for the MF, Residual and Pre Incentive Discount :rofl: :rofl:

My lease is up and the new monthly rates dealers are quoting me are extremely high.

Just for reference my original current lease is Accord ex-L
$299 a month.

My wife test drove a passport EX-L yesterday and liked it…hated the CRV. Then I promptly yanked her out and said I’ll start researching.

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As @aronchi said- look into leasing an Acura, MDX and TLX have major Acura to Dealer Incentives…

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And Honda Accord is actually in Acura TLS body in Europe.

that’s a strong deal especially considering you had 15k.
People are paying more for an LX EX and sport models on here.

When is the lease up? Are you thinking of extending the lease for a few months or so?

Lease is up. I extended it for 6 months. Can’t find anything in the price range currently.