Honda Lease Turn-in Fees Fees and Fees and no common legal sense

Yes. Fifteen months into my Honda Odyssey lease, I sold my car online to and Honda Leasing did most of the paperwork. My work was only at the beginning, when I created an account, received an offer from, and accepted it.

2016 Honda Odyssey Elite, leased in November 2016 which I sold to thirteen months later. Mileage at the time of sale, 15,000 miles. I received $34,000, which was only $600 less than the Honda lease payoff amount at the time, and which was almost $2000 better than what CARMAX offered. In the end, I was only a little upside down in my car.

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Here’s what the back of my Honda Lease Agreement states at paragraph 26…


Well I have confirmed that even though we sold the van to a car dealer and did not “dispose” of it back to Honda Finance, the discrepancy between my buyout quote and what the dealer had to pay for the van was the $350 disposition (“turn-in”) fee + tax… Not sure this makes sense!!
Attached is a screen shot of my Honda account now showing as paid in full…

That’s BS…

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I’ll officially write off Honda leasing now for myself.

You need to contact Honda and get that turn-in fee returned to you. That’s horse shit.

This means nothing other than Honda Financial changing entities when you are exercising the purchase option. It is likely a legal or tax thing as it just means you buy out the car from Honda Vehicle Exchange whatever that is.

I have no idea what you’re talking about. What means nothing? If you’re referring to buying out the vehicle, the turn-in fee is not applicable and should not, therefore, be assessed regardless of Honda’s agent.

I am saying that paragraph 26 really means nothing. Yes turnin fee should not apply I agree

26 assumes you purchase the vehicle at the end of the lease term. That is not what you are doing.

27 Eary termination is what you are doing, 27(d) clearly states the fee is due.

@khezik did not return the vehicle to the lessor (HFS) though.

This is not what the OP is doing. Read his original post. He is exercising his purchase option. Therefore, paragraph 27 is not applicable.

So no real resolution with Honda on this one. I was able to have the Dealership use one of their sister Honda dealerships to pay the vehicle off and avoid the fee. It worked out, but if you ask me it’s a BS fee on Honda’s part, and their unwillingness to correct the issue is why I’ll be steering clear of Hondas for now.

That was my point…simple concept really, and I’d almost argue that if it ever went to court it’d be viewed the exact same way. But alas, we will never know.

Mazda is a third party purchaser, therefore, there is no waiver of the disposition fee. That is very clearly stated that no one else can purchase the vehicle to save this fee except you.

anyone have any luck having the turn in fee waived for the third party payoff or even refunded?

The discrepancy between personal and third party payoff is not addressed in the contract. It just says the lessee is the only one that can exercise the purchase option. As someone else mentioned when we sign the poa we are allowing the third party to act on our behalf. HFS doesn’t seem to have an issue with a third party buyout, they are just adding an additional fee. if they are calling it a “turn in fee” then that shouldn’t be applicable. any lawyers out there? Lol.

Yes. They will only charge you $500 to help save you the $350 disposition fee.


i lease so much the $500 investment could pay off if only to set a precedent with HFS :sweat_smile:

I ran into the same thing selling my 2019 Odyssey to Vroom. HFS charged the $350 disposition fee + tax. Thinking it was an error on their part, I called and was basically told I didn’t purchase the vehicle, Vroom did. I argued the contract states only the lessee can exercise the purchase option and I had to sign a POA transferring ownership to Vroom. How could I transfer ownership for something I didn’t purchase? Also, Honda’s website clearly states the disposition fee is charged when the vehicle is turned in and Honda does not charge a purchase option fee. Anyway, they said sorry but no refund.

I filed a complaint with the BBB. Honda called today to let me know the check is in the mail.

My opinion is the contract doesn’t clearly state the conditions the disposition fee will be incurred in the event of a purchase. I think Honda knows this and if it’s fought they will waive it. I’m sure there are thousands of people that don’t care so Honda nets millions every year.

If you get charged the disposition fee for selling your Honda Financial Services lease to Carvana, Vroom, CarMax, or any other non-Honda/Acura dealer, my advice is to fight it.


Do complaints with the BBB ever actually go anywhere or amount to anything?