Honda Fit 2020 lease. pls help

Hi guys,

My parents want to lease a Honda Fit. Its something cheap, reliable, and easy to drive. If you guys are curious why, they simply just need a temporary car for the next 3 years before they retire and move to a diff country. the car they have now is pretty much worthless and doing maintenance is pointless.

But my question is:

I know the Honda Fit will be discontinued, therefore this will be the last year to lease/purchase one.
How low do you guys think i can negotiate below the fair purchase price ($17,171) that KBB gave me since there is such a low demand?

Note: I negotiated my toyota corolla LE 12% below fair purchase price that KBB gave me. im hoping i can even go lower for the Honda Fit.

Im located in NJ 07042

thank you

There is very little margin between MSRP and Invoice on the Fit, plus basically no incentives. It isn’t being discontinued because there is low demand, Honda discontinued it so it would stop cannibalizing sales of the HR-V which has better margins. In short, you’re not going to get a crazy discount.

Resale value seems to be pretty decent on these - would probably be better of just financing it and selling it in 3 years.


ahh okay, thank you! i didnt know that

If they want to lease they should consider something like a civic or corolla

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hi joe, thanks for the reply.

Theyre budget is $180/month

no downpayment. Tax, and doc fees upfront.

Since you’re in NJ. If you have Costco, and can live with an EV, have you considered a Bolt? Just throwing it out there.


As I already told you in your HRV thread, cheap MSRP does not necessarily = cheap lease. Just because something has a low MSRP doesn’t mean it’s going to be a good lease.

I bet you could lease nicer cars for less, but what are we discussing here? Do you even have a quote or get RV/MF/incentives from Edmunds?


The Bolt is actually really similar to the Fit, except the Bolt actually accelerates

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Except I haven’t seen a lowered and slammed Bolt yet.

Yeah that 1.5 does serious burn outs once your lower it