Honda financial not changing title name after payoff

Is it normal for honda financial not changing my name on title after lease paid off on July 5th? I went to DMV to order my title and title is still under their name. So I can’t sell my car right now. What’s next step to get my title then? I saw a lot of forumer just sell the car after payoff. What am I missing?

When you called HFS, did they confirm the purchase was completed?

yes and they told me title was mailed out but I haven’t received it yet. I went to DMV office trying to order a replacement title and was told that title is not under my name yet. so weird.

Then you’ll just have to wait.

Had to wait 4 weeks for my NY state Title to change.

I just went through this. Once you have the title in hand from Honda along with the bill of sale, go to your local title office (tax collector in Florida, DMV in most places), pay to transfer it and walk out with a title in your name that you can sell. It took me about 15 minutes and $85 in Florida.

They will mail you to the title that is issued under their name with the back filled out and signed over to you. The purchaser section would be filled out in your name. Once you receive that title, you have to go to the DMV to apply for a new title under your name and pay sales tax. After transfer complete, you will receive a new title.

Each states process may differ slightly but the title remains in their name until you go to the DMV to apply for a new title as you just purchased the car.

Is this required part? Can’t I sell it further, just filling another section in title and passing it to other person ?

What you is title jumping and illegal.

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