Honda disposition fee in calculator is 0. Is that correct

I noticed that when I select honda in the leasehackr calculator that, the disposition fee is set to 0. Is that accurate? When we talked with the dealer today, he said the disposition fee was $350 (though it would be waived if we leased the next car through them).

I should have asked the dealer about this but got distracted by other things and then we left.

Any explanation for the difference.

Should be listed on top right corner of the contract.

  • Ritesh

I’m not sure I understand your response or perhaps I didn’t describe the problem correctly. When I use the leasehackr online webform calculator, when I click on the manufacturer field and select hyundai or nissan, for example, the disposition fee is automatically populated on the form and included in the total cost of the lease. However, this does not appear to be the case for Honda. Looks like that is the case for a few of the manufacturers I select. In the case where the disposition fee doesn’t show up, should I just manually add it into the sales price of the vehicle so that its accounted for in the the total lease cost?


Honda used to not have a disposition fee, but it appears they’ve added one ($350).

We’ll update the calculator accordingly!