Honda CRV EX FWD 2019

This is my first time hacking and I am being offered the below deal. I feel this is the best I could do, worked with many dealers and only 1 agreed to this. Should I push harder or am I stretching it too much? I am also curious to know if I should be adding prepaid maintenance or excess wear/tear to the CRV, any suggestions?

MSRP : 28295.00
Selling Price : 24190.00 (dealer discount 14.5%, no incentives)
Months : 36
Miles/Year : 12000
Residual : 61%
MF : 0.00069
Acq Fee : 595
Sales Tax : 9%
Drive off = 0
Monthly Payment with tax = $282

Leasehackr Calculator Link

Skip prepaid maintenance, it’s a honda not a Benz. Also skip wear and tear unless it’s cheap and you street park/have issues trashing cars. Did you shop this with so cal dealers at all? Would be nice if you could get an EX-L close to this number.

Thanks @joeblogs. I needed a car urgently so didn’t really shop in SoCal region. I ended up with the EXL model, getting a similar % discount on the MSRP. 287 a month(with tax) with 877 drive off. Nevertheless, pretty happy with the car.

Can you tell which dealer? Thank you.

@Fei_Wang Stop posting the same thing everytime and PM those users instead.