Honda CRV buyout lease

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to buyout the lease before end of lease ( Oct 2022)
Buyout price - $20,626.21 included taxes thru honda financial service

Does anyone know do I need to pay the tax again at NY DMV while transfer title?

No, as long as something on the Honda paperwork shows that tax was already paid.

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Cool, thanks a lot.

My experience is in CA with VW, but the bill of sale and other associated paperwork reflects exactly what tax has already been paid. In my case, VW collected the remaining sales tax on the remainder of payments, but not for the balance (which was more or less the RV) and I paid sales tax to DMV on that amount. But if Honda is collecting all sales tax, then your paperwork should reflect that and no additional amount due to DMV when you register it.

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Right, that makes sense in your case, thanks for the help.
May I ask if you purchased your car this year? just curious lol

I purchased it in November of 2021. Lease was to end in June 2022, so bought it about 7-mo prior to end of lease.

Is it a good idea to purchase on Honda website or on the phone?

I can’t speak for Honda Financial, but for VW Credit, I did a lot of it through their portal online and downloaded/printed the docs I needed. Didn’t need to even get on the phone until after when I wanted to confirm they received the payment and I didn’t need to make the next month’s payment.

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