Honda Civic pricing

I know the Civic Si is selling for over MSRP. What about the Civic SE trim level (or Sport)? Has anyone been able to get anything off MSRP? Or is MSRP still the best you can get at this time? I’m in Atlanta.


Google to find a Honda Civic specific forum. There should be a prices paid topic that can answer this.

Not as easy to find as you might think. This is coming from someone that started a Honda forum (years ago) and sold it to Internet Brands.

I think my hopes for MSRP was too optimistic. All the ones I’ve found advertised at MSRP have ADMs and dealer add-ons, ranging from $2000-4000…for a CIVIC…a CIVIC. :roll_eyes:

Chino Hills told me MSRP, but of course their add ons were required.

Over MSRP is the market on them.

There are other vehicles that are similar that can be had for MSRP but not the civic