Honda Civic LX deal


went to a dealership today for a two year lease

24 months
12K miles/yr
Honda Civic LX

OTD price $2000
Monthly payment $189

Is this reasonable?

Go to Edmunds and find the money factor and residual, then figure out what the discount is that they’re offering before any incentives. Then figure out what incentives are available to you. Plug all those numbers into a calculator and see what it says.

Then, post it and we can evaluate the deal better.

Need a lot more information to answer that question.

What’s the MSRP. What’s the selling price. Whats the mf/RV/incentives from Edmunds? What’s the mf/RV/incentives being applied by the dealer?

And also search this forum for similar deals and what competitor deals look like. May even help to go to the Honda forum and see what others have gotten as discounts.

Getting the best lease often requires all of this research on the front end.