Honda Civic Hatchback vs Mazda 6

I am looking at both the Maza 6 Grand Touring and the Honda Civic Hatchback Touring Sport

I know these are two different types of cars but I cant seem to figure out which way to go. Both 2018 models

The Mazda is gong to be 3 year 10 miles, 2K down and is going to cost me 300+ tax
The Honda is also going to be 3 years 12 miles, 2K down and is going to cost me 318+ tax

Both cars sticker at 29K and at this point I dont know money factor and such.

Assuming you have enough info, which is the better deal but more importantly which is the better car and which is have the better resell value when the lease is over.

The truth is, I am not in love with neither car but I am waiting for my son to finish college in 2020 and then I am getting a Jaguar F-Type. Looking for something to make me happy in the short term. Was driving Dodge Charge R/T so I want my horsepower which neither car has

It doesn’t sound like either car would be good for what you want then? What’s the most important factor for you in your next vehicle? Fun? Fast? Economical?

want to spend around 300 and then fast and fun. When my son graduates then fun and fast. The Civic is small and quick so while not a lot of horsepower, it is fun. The Mazada has more power but is larger

We don’t have enough info to gauge which is the better deal. I think the Civic will have better resell than the 6, but that doesn’t mean you will have equity since we dont have enough info.

It sounds like you want/need a Miata!! Plenty of usable power for public roads and way more fun than the Jag in the twisties. I picked up my fully loaded 2018 Grand Touring Trim for $260 before taxes and $0 drive offs (36months/15k miles annually).

The deals are not as good on the Miata now but still worth a look (and even with a turbo/supercharger/LS Engine Swap would be more reliable than the Jag).

I’m surprised no-one has been along to suggest an Infiniti Q50 yet. It wouldn’t be my choice but it may give you something sporty-ish and luxury-ish if you wanted that for a couple of years. BMW 330i might also fit the bill?

It’s a shame the VW GTI doesn’t lease better because it sounds like the perfect fit for this kind of scenario.

Don’t we all want a super fun and fast car for 300 a month?

Need more numbers to gauge the deals… but the two cars are entirely different segments.

If looking at a Civic, why not look at the Mazda 3 as well? A 3 GT has the same power as the non turbo Mazda 6?

My son has a Mazda3. Dont want a Mazda 3 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Maybe you can swing a base GTI S. Best driven car in the segment in my opinion.

Can you get an Infinit Q50 for 300?

What numbers am I missing ?

Just do a quick search to see what others have been getting/offered on them.

It seems the car of choice here for anyone seeking a vaguely upmarket small sedan.

All the important numbers for a lease like sales price, MF, RV and incentives.

Sounds like you want something fun for the short term until next year. May I suggest taking over a lease on a BMW 2 series? These are great little cars with good power in a very nice package. There are many on swapalease in the $300-$400 range. I think these are not only more fun than a Civic or Mazda, but they look nicer and of course you’re in a bimmer, so there’s that. It’s RWD so the driving dynamics are much more rewarding than a FWD econobox. I would also look into the Miata and the Focus ST, which are more affordable. Yes, the Focus ST is FWD, but it’s still terribly fun to drive especially in a manual. It’s got a nice exhaust note too so you can let your inner racer out once and awhile! How about a Ford Mustang EcoBoost!? Explore that possibility! You will be surprised how affordable the leases can be. I see some on swapalease in your price range.

As a father myself, I know all too well the importance of cutting loose once and awhile! Good luck with your search! Don’t limit yourself to the old standbys, there’s plenty of fun cars out there for $300-$400 a month!

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I took your advice and got the Q50. Got it for 315 plus tax.

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Congrats! Hope you like it. Post pix!