Honda Civic EX with Honda Sensing lease question

A local dealership (Ohio) offered me a 2017 Honda Civic EX with Honda Sensing for $360/month ($0 down) for 36 months. I was frankly shocked to see this price ā€“ based on the research I had done, I expected something more like $220-$250 per month. I have excellent credit, so that is not an issue. What am I missing? Was I way off the mark with my price research, or do you think the dealer thought he could take advantage of me because I am a young woman?

What was the MSRP and how many miles for 36 months? Your expected range seems reasonable to me, actually Iā€™m looking at maybe getting the same thing, minus sensing, 36/15k and hoping to be no more than $240.

MSRP was $22,141, and the lease was for 12,000 miles per year.

Your range should be spot on. Ask to see the details, especially money factor can cap cost. Seems like the money factor has to be high and/or they are not giving much of a discount on the $22,141. Do you have other dealers within 50-100 miles you could email and request quotes? Shop around, that first price is laughable.

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