Honda buying after leasing expired

i have a Honda civic that I have been leasing since 2019. Lease will be expiring in June 2024. Should I buy it or lease or finance a new one. Payments were $382. Honda offer new financing at $489 for 72 months for a total sale of 26400

How long was this lease and what’s the buy out?

To be clear this is for a brand new one? MSRP, sales price, tax rate and APR?

We’re glad you came by to post.

If you signed a 5-year lease you were almost certainly hosed.

And this is probably how they got you. If this was a five-year lease, you’ve already spend $23,000 on lease payments, plus whatever you paid upfront.

This isn’t enough info to evaluate the deal. Is this from an ad?

Good news is you’re in the right place to get help.


Wow, that is bad, it’s a honda civic, that is financing number, not a lease. You should have owned it by now.