Honda and Toyota Leases?

We are on our second lease. First was a Toyota Highlander. Current is a Honda Pilot. We really didn’t know what we were doing with the first lease. Starting to figure it out with the Honda. In Hindsight our Highlander was a better lease than our current Pilot cause the Highlander was priced right and we got good lease terms. With the Pilot we got a good price, we know the dealer, but the lease terms just werern’t very good and at the time Toyota wasn’t pushing the Highlander. A friend leased a Pilot too and he feels the same way. Both of us lease due to the write off. So, do Toyotas usually lease better than Hondas? Starting to look into our next lease. Without getting quotes and just by using online prices it seems as if the Honda Pilot is much more expensive (about 90 bucks a month).

Honda, in general, does not subsidize leasing like some other OEM’s do. They typically do not:
A) Offer lease-only incentives
B) Set money factor (APR) significantly below prime rate
C) Set residual value at unrealistically high values.

There have been exceptions, but I have never seen a ‘crazy Honda deal’ like we sometimes see for BMW, MB, GM, Nissan etc. Acuras often lease better than Hondas because they do occasionally subsidize leasing - you could get a 2018 RDX for less than a Pilot right now. Honda has low Pilot inventory levels and sales are strong, so I see no reason why they would start subsidizing leases for these anytime soon.

Your best bet is to get the best quotes that you can and post them up here for feedback.

Thanks. We like the size and the price of the Pilot and Highlander. Would consider a Traverse or an Enclave but those are priced higher. I guess they aren’t competing with the Pilot or Highlander.

I’d recommend Pathfinder if you want to stick to non-luxury, or Infiniti QX60 if you wanna be a lil classier.

I assume by “price” you mean MSRP. Traverses and Enclaves lease for lower than Pilots do. GM subsidizes leasing, sometimes very aggressively. Scroll through the forum for examples.

Check out the 2018 RDX deals posted in the forum, those seem to be around 300/mo zero down. Pathfinder also leases decent, as does Infiniti (QX60). What are you paying on your Pilot? Mind sharing the numbers so we can point you in the right direction for next time?

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Hi, could anyone help me with the money factor and residual value for 2018 Toyota RAV4 XLE FWD in Illinois 60477?


you can request here 2018 Toyota RAV4 Lease Deals and Prices — Car Forums at

The Pilot may have a lower MSRP than a Traverse but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Traverse were a cheaper lease (well once the newness wears off)

The new 2019 Traverse initially hit well and now they are starting to pile up.
You can get a better deal on the Traverse over a Pilot but at the end of the lease, you may be upside down with a GM product.
We passed on the Traverse because their top of the line High Country trim did not include front parking sensors - imagine a $55K car without front sensors - what was GM thinking ??