Honda Accord MF and Residuals

Im looking for residuals and money factors for all trim levels of the 2016 Honda Accord between 24, 36, & 39 month leases, and between 10K and 12K miles per year.

We’ll have April numbers before the end of this week!

Can anyone explain to me exactly what the MF and residuals are and what they mean to me as a customer who may possibly lease a car? Not so much what they mean, but what the numbers mean.

For instance: 36/12K: 59% residual, .00038 MF

What do the numbers mean?

MF - money factor - Interest rate you pay for the car depreciating. Higher rates = higher monthly
Residual = value of car at end of lease. Lower residual = more depreciation = higher monthly.

Therefore, you want low money factor and high residual values for a low monthly payment.

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I would add you also want the Cap Cost (the price you pay for the car) to be as low as possible, it has no impact on the MF or Residual, but it’s another place you can lower your payment.

All leases promoted by the captive lenders (Ford Credit, Honda Finance, etc) are based on YOU paying MSRP for the car.

There is no reason to do that, so please don’t get stuck on a local dealer and don’t depend on Truecar because if the participating dealers can sell you a car under invoice with a website lead generator (Truecar, Edmunds KBB Consumer Reports, Costco), they can also go under invoice without them and possibly much lower.

With Honda dealers you must pit them against each other since you have very few customer direct incentives to help you lower the price of the car.

Finally unless you REALLY need a car I would wait, incentives and prices will be better as we barrel into summer.


Could you let us know the numbers?

I have lease quote from one dealer. Is it good?

2016 Accord Sedan EX with Sensing automatic
Lease Term:
Mileage Per Year:
12,000 MILES
Down Payment:
0 down
*Monthly Payment:

bank fee-$595

doc fee-$369

NJ tire tax-$7.50

DMV fee-$229.50

Is it $272/month including tax and $0 total due at signing? If so, then that looks like a great deal.

Here’s the 36/12K lease for 2016 Accord Sedan EX w/ Honda Sensing:

Residual: 56%
MF: .00041

Do you happen to have the numbers for without the Honda Sensing? Also, what would be a good price to pay for a lease with $0 down for 36 months and 12k miles for an EX Accord w/o Sensing?


below mentioned fees are extra. Tax is exclusive I think. Also, they told Residual is $15,800.40, and money factor is .00051.

bank fee-$595

doc fee-$369

NJ tire tax-$7.50

DMV fee-$229.50

Residual is 1% higher without Honda Sensing on Accord EX.

As for your question, answered it here: Fair/good price for a 16 Accord EX lease w/ 36k miles 12k/yr $0 down?