Honda Accord EXL 2016 Lease Boston Suggestion

My story is that I have an accord coupe 2014 that I leased with 12k miles a year. I switched my job a year after I got the car which required me to travel further and I used up 36K yesterday actually and I still have 8 payments of $275 a month left. My old coupe was also V4 2.5 EXL without navi.

I went to the dealer today and they are willing to give me the lease for 2016 Accord Sedan EXL V4 or 2.5 FWD with remote starter no navi since it has airplay with 15K miles per year for $289 a month with just $500 down which includes the first payment and they also rolled in my other 8 payments of $274 into 36 months which ends up being $61 a month additional so total payment would be $350 a month. What do you guys think? Is this a good deal?

Also, I’d like to add that my old car will require new tires soon and brakes. I could feel the brakes were starting to vibrate a little. Also my car got hit a few months ago which I didn’t get repaired. It wasn’t huge but it still left bunch of deep scratches paint completely chipped off from front right side bumper.

It’s not bad considering the shitty situation with your current car. If you keep it, you’re going to have to sink a couple grand into maintenance and excess mileage charges. If you try to sell it, you’ll probably get a lot less than the payoff since you have high miles and visible damage.

Is this deal through Weymouth? They are usually pretty competitive.

Do you have the detailed numbers that were used to come up with the offer? That way you can plug them into the lease calculator to see what part could be improved on to save some money.