Honcker removes ability to customize payment in latest app update


That little gauge that you used to be able to toggle payment structure was removed in the latest update. Now you need to place the order first before you can change the structure.

I was always skeptical of the app, but this is the final blow. I honestly don’t think it’ll be very successful. The prices aren’t usually good and I never liked how little Info was shared about the vehicles themselves.


I just downloaded the app, and I do agree with you. Real photo’s of the vehicle would be great. Maybe the window sticker so you can see what’s what on them.


I think a huge issue with the Honcker App is how little dealer support they get. I’ve seen enough stories where dealers wouldn’t honor the offers on Honcker.

It’s pretty much DOA now.


It was a great idea that unfortunately has to rely on the input of an all too often shoddy third party to further their success.

I seriously doubt Honcker gets anywhere near the support it needs from their dealer network in order to make it a legitimate alternative to car shopping…


I noticed that as well (the removal of the slider concerning down payment).

I downloaded it before my last lease and again before I signed on my new one. However, the prices, while good, are not notable - at least not in my area. And I never saw an option for no down payment (although I saw others here given that opportunity). The best I ever was ever given as an option was the first month’s payment, which of course increased the monthly by quite a bit.

This post reminds me I need to uninstall it.


The part that infuriates me most is I had to agree to a credit check to get the app to give me prices in the first place… now with the update it won’t even allow you to play with the slider.


I emailed them just to voice my displeasure at losing this feature and, while at it, make a few other suggestions. The reply I got was “just divide the due at signing money by number of payments and add that to the monthly.” I didn’t feel it worth my time to reply.


Funny how the app was supposed to make leasing easier for the consumer but instead it’s turning into a shady business practice where limited information is disclosed.


I don’t think its a hard pull though!


Of course it’s not a hard pull since no money was actually loaned, but it doesn’t matter.

An inquiry is an inquiry and banks look at how many you’ve done regardless of whether it’s a ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ pull.


It’s not a hard pull. Only after you “Place Order” and upload your details will they do a hard pull. If I go this route, I will make sure they confirm the deal is available before I submit any more info.

I’ve been following Accord deals, and I’ve seen many 2.0 Tourings with identical prices as 1.5 models. Most of these have since been adjusted to more realistic prices.

I went into an Acura dealer on Wednesday, and a $7,300 discount was still $2,000 short of matching the Honcker price. The Honda dealer was closer in price, but I rolled the dice hoping for better January incentives, but nothing changed.

I wish there were more positive transactions posted. I still have 8 weeks before my current lease ends. If I can’t match or beat a deal with a local dealer by the end of the month, I may give Honcker a shot.


Soft pulls are not considered into credit scores or giving out loans. Just think, all those pre-approved credit card deals and pre-approved mailings would all count against it. It’s not the same.

I have to say, Honcker is a great negotiating tool. I’ve had a dealers offer to match it over the phone all the time. So if you see the prices on there, they are a good starting point. Some brands/dealerships carry bigger incentives than others.


You should tell all the credit reporting agencies that show soft pulls on my record that.


I wrote a review about the update. They replied that after pressing the button you can adjust and can cancel anytime. It’s not binding. Stupid why can’t I review before. I went back to the previous version.


Very easy to match Honcker pricing as a whole. Sometimes though you have a car that’s 20 p/m lower versus any other car on the app which is usually a fluke


The app in all is very buggy though. For example:

How is 15k cheaper than 12k


Did they do a hard credit pull?


After asking four times, they said no hard credit pull was done. I have not verified.