Honcker Question - Mazda CX-5


I recently mentioned to my local dealership that I received a quote from Honcker. He literally didn’t know what the service was, either that or he played stupid. I feel it would almost be impossible to not know about the service that is disrupting your market?!

Anyways, I was curious if anyone was ever able to beat a Honcker deal? I am unable to get even close to matching this deal in person. In your opinion, do you think this is a great deal?

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For reference it’s not that great of a deal, you want to be at or around 315 with 315 due at signing (same packages)

I am located in CT, not sure if that will make that big of a difference? But thank you for sharing. I will certainly have to negotiate longer to get a better deal.

Honcker is still very new, and in limited markets. It’s not surprising at all the salesman hadn’t heard about it. Honestly, I wouldn’t have ever heard about it had it not been for this site. I’ve yet to see an advert for it yet.

Also let’s be real. Most of the frontline sales people are very clueless and barely know about the products they are selling.


Don’t forget to slide that slider (below the price) to the right to show the monthly with only 1st month due at signing. If you click the lease now button, the dealer does base the transaction on what you have the slider set at. (Though once I spoke with the dealer who handled my lease, he had no issue redoing the numbers for 0 due at signing).


Can anyone help make some sense of the “due at signing” slider on Honckr?

On one end it says: "You monthly lease payment is $240. First payment due at signing is $2342 (first month, bank fee, DMV fees, dealer fees, and applicable taxes)

I slide it to the other end and it says: "Your monthly lease payment is $270. You chose to roll the bank fee, taxes, DMV and dealer fees into the monthly lease payment. Due at signing is $1475 (your first month’s payment only).

If the monthly payment is $270, how did it get to $1475?

Seems like a glitch… maybe check with their support?? On my app, sliding to the right always reduced the amount due at signing to a number that matched the monthly payment number exactly.

And if you use Honcker by the end of August, add B67A3B54 to your “Coupons and Promo Codes” (under Account) and you should get a free iPad mini from Honcker.

Thanks, maybe I’ll try to clear data on the app (then uninstall and reinstall is that doesn’t work) and contact them if it still doesn’t work.

How does figuring a down payment work? Do you get to add that after you click the Lease Now button? The FAQ in the app isn’t that great.

I did have the dealer adjust mine from 1st payment due at signing (in the app) to 0 due at signing after clicking the Lease Now button, so I’m sure they’ll run a different scenario if you ask them to. But realistically, you’re better off not making a down payment on a leased vehicle.

Was your car delivered by any chance? I am worried that the dealer will be beyond 25 miles and not want to deliver after I run a credit check. (25 miles is not far, its because i am very close to long island sound and line of sight 25 miles is on long island and its over a 2-3 hour drive to get there). I verified with Honcker support that all of the cars i asked about were either in NJ or Long Island when i am on the CT shoreline.

Thank you

Yes… a salesman from the dealership drove my Jeep over an hour to my house, with another guy following him in another car to take him back! We signed the papers at my dining room table.
I was surprised they delivered it, and he said he’s driven much further to deliver vehicles! (Granted the dealership selling your car may have a different mileage limit…)

I recently helped lease a Honda CRV for a friend’s wife and went to the dealer with the intention of trying to match a deal I saw on Honcker. At first the salesman had no idea what I was referring to… (“WTF is Honcker?”) but after giving him the figures that I wanted in order to make a deal work he conferred with his sales manager. The end result was that they beat Honcker by a couple of dollars on month. If I’d have been shopping a lease for myself I would have had no reservations about using the app but due to the fact this was a convoluted transaction I figured dealing face to face would likely yield a better result.

Thank you Justin for the feedback. This is a great community !

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Talked to Honcker chat, and it looks like rolling the fees isn’t an option In Delaware so that’s why the slider won’t work for me. My only option is to pay it all at signing.

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This is 100% accurate, I was appalled that the salesmen at several dealers did not know the amount of Horsepower that their most popular car has.

Honcker works in limited area. It also gives you less options to put down payment. Either $high or 0. But the price I got from Honcker is higher than the dealer quote.

The dealer in CT finally went $3 below my honcker quote. This now makes two dealerships in CT that literally had no idea about honcker. I know it’s new, but it’s also something they should be subject matter experts in.

Jeep could not come close to matching the honcker offer and told me to take the honcker deal if i wanted the jeep. Literally a difference by $60 per month.

I’m working right now on seeing if one of my local dealers can beat Honcker. Every other quote I’ve gotten so far has been at least $100 higher, one was about $200 higher!

I have a deal sitting in my showroom at $231/mo for a Sorento (local dealers have been between $350-450 for a base LX FWD. That seems insane, an EX V6 is only $343 through Honcker). I’ve actually figured out what dealership it is, their website just listed 3 new cars exactly matching 3 new ones that showed up on Honcker. They’re about 75 minutes away, so I’m going to see if the dealership 15 minutes away can beat them first.

They’re not even subject matter experts in the cars they sell, yet you expect them to know about a brand new car buying service with little to no advertising and limited service area?

This is the equivalent of asking a Jeep dealer to expect to know the residual and money factor on a GMC Terrain. Think of Honcker as a virtual store. They might know some basic info about the competition, but no dealership employee is going to be a SME on one.