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I’m sure that the fee will go up if/when they establish a foothold in the market, and/or VC funding starts to run out.


It’s better as it’s per actual sale vs Costco Auto which is $7k a month or more just to receive any leads.


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It isn’t what they charge… They also charge dealers to sign up. Then a fee per car on top of their subscription fees.


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Reiterating what Q said: They charge a monthly fee to sign up, as well as, a fee per deal!


So it looks as though you can now do everything on the site. Everything that was only previously available through the app appears to be accessible via the website. I say appears because it states the email I am attempting to log-in with, does not exist. However, it is the email address the announcement was sent to, and that is listed in the app.


I had the same issue with my email not being accepted. How did you access the web site? I don’t want to setup a second account.


You just need to sign up again as new, the account then links it’s self with your current account.
I like their service so far and am trying it now to get a lease. Also, it is a great bargaining tool. Some dealers have promised to beat the pricing etc.


The question is not the pricing but will the dealer honor the pricing.

Also Honcker may do a hard pull before the dealer OKs the deal


Make sure you check your account info and uncheck co-signer. Mine either got checked by accident or it defaults to that. I had to re-do my order because it thought I wanted a co-signer and it can’t be modified at that point. So after a call they cancelled it and a new order was made.


At what point do they do a hard pull?


Actually thats not how it works, the credit application is passed to the dealership. I requested they not do a pull until i get an appraisal on my trade-in. So they don’t pull right away if requested. Very transparent if you use the chat feature in my opinion.


Attached is a convo I had with Honcker regarding when a hard credit inquiry is pulled

I then went through the place order process and was contacted by Honcker telling my the price from the dealer would be $25 per month more then advertised. I cancelled the deal after that. It doesn’t look like my credit had been run to this point.


This is not a useful tool for lhackers. The quote I received for the vehicle price was 4 digits higher than what I negotiated. Maybe it’s useful for people who don’t have the time or inclinations to negotiate with dealers (perfectly understandable). But don’t expect discounting much beyond Costco, roadster, truecar, etc.


It depends. When I downloaded the app upon its release, the deals were better than what I was actively negotiating through Costco (who provide exceptional service by the way). I have also read some experiences on the forum where people have scored some great deals that would require negotiation to get to a price that needed none. I have witnessed some offers that I was very close to signing they were so competitive.

As of right now, the Honcker deals in my area are not deals. But just before my most recent lease signing in late December, they were better than what most dealers were offering. The only thing that dissuaded me was the fees DAS. I cannot see paying anything down - which is the only reason I passed on 3-4 vehicles.

As I wrote above, it is an excellent alternative to the usual lease process. And as a few have stated, it can be used as a bargaining chip in some situations.


Agree with this 100%. It gives you a baseline but I’ve only ever seen one competitively listed car on Honcker and it was when the app was first released, back when @chevysalesgirl and @ChevyPhil were basically giving away free Equinox/Cruzes. Though their pricing still never comes close to what the LH dealers and brokers are able to do.