Homeowner Insurance

So I need to shop my parents homeowners inruance for them. They live in LA.

Is there a forum for insurance, and if not why has it not been created by the leasehackr crew?

Because this is Leasehackr? And now we have what you need. But you can also search for what you need, maybe it’s already there.

Absolutely! Feel free to close this out, but I guess I appreciate the knowledge of this community so much that I would utilized it with almost anything :slight_smile:

Why would I close? There are other non-car related topics in Off-ramp.

You mean like Mortgage Hackr?

Someone closed a topic about Slickdeals recently.

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Reach out to a reputable insurance broker (muti line person) who can shop. CA has been hit by crazy weather (and a few carriers have exited the state or gone broke paying claims). Use someone knowledgeable in the area that can set up a proper policy with the correct coverages. This is something important you do not want to trust to an armature.


The California Insurance Commissioner has a website that lists Homeowners Insurance Rates for California from many companies. When my old company recently raised rates (presumably due to fire risk), I was able to find much cheaper insurance by looking at the website, and contacting an agent who worked for one of the lowest price companies.


Yeah. That was mine and this @Ursus guy closed it instead of being helpful.

Try the california (or louisana?) farm bureau and AAA (like for cars they do insurance as well)

PolicyGenius.com is a good source to quickly gather a number of quotes from various insurance carriers. If it’s a typical home without any unique risks like high-value, flood / fire etc. then their services should be sufficient. Travelers, Nationwide, etc. are typical carriers they offer.

Also worth reaching out directly to firms like USAA, Amica, State Farm, etc.

If it’s a home that is at the $1mm+ value, then a high net worth insurance broker is a better bet. Carriers like AIG Private Client, Chubb, Nationwide Private Client, PURE and Cincinnati Insurance are better set up larger / unique risks.

I’ve been a longtime USAA member and have always had my coverage through them. But with changing risks in Texas, home renovations, and inflation, my home insurance premiums rose rapidly. I used Frost Insurance Agency and they canvased the market and switched me to PURE. The coverage is superior to USAA and saved me nearly 40%.

Getting home insurance is similar to buying a car. Know your numbers, do a bit of research, and you’ll find a decent deal. When in doubt, find a trusted broker to help you navigate the market.


Thank you so much for this information! This forum is amazing.

Policygenius gave me a great quote.

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