HN308's June - QX50 AWD $319/mth $2892 DAS + $3600 MSD / Q50 AWD $317/mth $2949 DAS + $3600 MSD - loyalty Required

Just saw this. Would be interested in the Q50 “crazy deal”. Prob too late. (Have VPP)

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I have updated July Numbers in the 1st post for Infiniti.

We have some new entrants in the game this month like the QX50 and QX30 as there are some good deals to be had on those. The deals are Q50 are a little better compared to last month and the QX60 is almost at par compared to last month.

New York residents miss out as the MF is high on most cars and they can’t do MSD even if the dealer is outside of NY like with other brands.


What would a qx60 with essential, proactive and sensory be for NJ. No MSD and no VPP.

If I am currently in a Qx60 and have 5 months left, will dealer “forgive” some of those months if I am to go into one of the new Qx60 you listed?


There is a pull ahead for Nissan and Infiniti lease holder where your last 2 or 3 payments are covered by Infiniti and rest either you roll into the new lease or pay it off yourself. By taking another QX60 you waive the disposition fees.

However if you are not over your existing miles or about to be than wait another 2-3 months so you don’t loose the money you pay for the remaining extra payments which are not covered by Infiniti.


If 5 months left, why not wait until December for the EOY deals on new 2020’s with higher residual and likely conquest/higher VPP too?

I am Over on miles at this point. But still have 5 months to go… Tough call… Please help

@HN308 Looking for a loaded QX60 in South Florida. Can you ship?

What about QX80?

HN. Any deals on the QX80 ? Please let me know.

@Jarret_Schwartz @Bmelumad @Justintimeforalease1

My dealer is based in NY metro area and requires the documents to be signed in person. If you are in this area or are willing to come here to sing the documents, I can get a quote and than either you can drive the car back home or they will assist in shipping it.

I am local so there is no problem be there is person.
Can you get me a quote ?

For the QX30 is the sweet spot 24mos and 10k? What does numbers look like for 36-39mos and 12k?


The residual for 39 months is 42% compared to 51% for 24 months with 10K.

for 39/12K its $284/mth with $2369 DAS with VPP and NJ taxes.

That’s a pretty considerable difference.

Interested in QX60 and messaged you.

Anything in Delaware? If not, how far south are your dealers in NJ?

All PM’s regarding Infiniti’s have been replied. If for some reason I missed your request, please do reach out to me again.

Does the lease calculator include the $1k Summer lease cash? It does not seem so, as it doesn’t show on the taxed/untaxed incentive.
Let me know please.


The summer cash and all the other unpublished incentives are included in the selling price discount. Without all incentives applied taking the selling price close to 20% off MSRP is not possible.

Only VPP which is worth 750 is something that can be applied on top of the discounted sales price.

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