Hit a deer in an Audi loaner

Hey everyone,

So awesome day… deer ran right in front of me and I hit Bambi. Luckily it was a small deer and the timing of it, the deer just got the front left bumper area. Deer limped off and I’m assuming it’s still alive. I think the car is in worse shape than the photos show. It’s driving a bit weird and sensors keep going off. My Audi lease is at the dealer getting a recall done. I’m supposed to turn in the loaner today.

What’s the best way to handle this? My insurance agent said just go in and tell them what happened and ask for an estimate before okaying anything. And continued I should just be out my deductible.

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Just go to the dealer. Most likely it will go through your insurance since you were driving. It will be like any other claim.

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If you’re turning the loaner in today, there really is much time to work with (?).

Go to the dealer as scheduled. Yes, it should be business as usual in terms of the insurance process.

In other COMPLETELY UNREALTED news, I heard an audi store has a white suv that they are trying to blow out


I could delay a day or two if needed. They’ve had the car awhile and the SA said no big deal on turn in timing

This is minimal; my dad wrecks and racks up mileage on Genesis loaner’s like it’s his job. He’s totaled 2 g80’s but has a 20-year service history with the dealership, and they still give him loaners somehow someway.

Snap a pic of the VIN so we know what loaner has a carfax…


I would tell them right away/seek guidance anyway. It is their car after all.

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Wait genesis has been around for 20 years. I’m old

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hyundai has and its a big dealership group brand wise.

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Sounds like he has paid his dues. :laughing:

Reminds me of the saying (although the opposite circumstance), if you walk away with nothing “free”… you did your job. Car I signed last month I received absolutely nothing… no cup, no hat, no keychain, nada. The salesman had even promised me a cup or shirt. Someone obviously had convinced him otherwise. Walked out with the USB (contract) and the keys. I was honestly shocked lol, but not upset at all about it.

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they usually ask your insurance when handling the loaner - they likely accept it back with no hassle but will try to get insurance to pay, my understanding pretty much with like any rental you are responsible for it, unless otherwise stated.

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Your policy should cover the damage less the deductible. You will need to check the contract to see if you are responsible for any other compenstation to the owner of the car. This could include things like loss of use (charging you for the days the car is not operable)- dimished value etc. Hopefully a dealer will not charge for those things like a Hertz would. If you paid a deposit on a credit card- it is possible they have coverage for the things not covered by your personal policy- unfortunatly most dealers do not take or charge a card when you get a loaner.

Definitely be upfront with them about it. Depending on cost you can either pay out of pocket or go through your insurance, though I’m sure this damage would warrant the latter.

I totally split a windshield on a brand new BMW loaner. I told the dealer and brought it back when ready. I exchanged insurance info and they handled the whole thing in house. Somewhere along the line the ball was dropped and it never made it to my insurance. Hope the same will happen for you.

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Audi demo leases kinda suck

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Regional rates, generally no lease cash, it’s not pretty. I heard a rumor they were going to improve it 2 months ago but nothing has materialized yet.

I’ll bide my time to wait and see

Dang. That’s awesome

I totaled a BMW loaner car in 2010 so I’ve probably got a bit more experience here :joy:

It’s pretty normal. Runs through your insurance, they deal with it, life goes on.

The only snag is if the dealer goes after you for loss of use which insurance doesn’t cover. The BMW dealer initially charged it and then waived it (insurance company put pressure on them on my behalf) and that was that.

You’ll be fine :blush:

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