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  1. $400 disposition fee applies if you do not purchase/lease another Hyundai via HMF
  2. Lease is through Hyundai Motor Finance, Hyundai’s captive finance company

Please text me 551-204-8712 at for quotes.

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Thanks for the quick reply.

I have a question regarding the Charge Up NJ $4250 rebate ( open to the whole forum). Under the terms and conditions it states that the following is required :Proof of temporary or permanent New Jersey vehicle registration for the vehicle listed in the application. The applicant’s name must be on the registration and the registration must be active.

In my prior NJ leases the registration is always in the name of the leasing company. I’m concerned that this might cause an issue processing the rebate even though the program does state that leases are eligible.

Has anyone gone through the process and received their $4250 check yet? Any issues?

Thanks again.

This is a good question. Your NJ LEASED Motor Vehicle registration lists both you, the lessee, and the leasing bank (in this case, it’s Hyundai Lease Titling Trust) on your registration. The program will accept the registration that you are provided, as long as you meet all the other qualifications of the program (namely, you must live in NJ and title the car there). The temporary registration you drive off with is compliant with this as well.

The program is absolutely good for leased EVs in NJ. I am monitoring the status of the program, (as well as many other friendly members of the LH community). Updates will be posted here as soon as we know, if anything happens to the rebate program - whether it be discontinuation, further funding, or the introduction of a dealer point-of-sale rebate application process.

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interested in an ioniq for $132!

Hi Jake, please text me at 551-204-8712 for quotes. Thanks!

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Updated 9/25/20. I have just received and inventoried another truckload of Ioniq EVs at a partner dealer! The price is $149/mo (effective) on the base model, and $209 on the Limited.


Congratulations to those that got the $132/month car, that price will not be returning for the rest of the month. This price will remain valid Thru Oct 31. More truckloads like the above will be coming throughout October to service the $149 and $209 cars to NJ customers.

I do also have gas cars available in various segments. All Northeast states are eligible for the below deals. Also have some plug-in-hybrids, but they cost a little more than the Elantras. More EVs will be posted here ASAP.

:red_car: Gas Cars in All States

All are 3 year, 10k miles per year. Your DAS is $1000 in Inceptions (including state reg, acquisition, dealer fee), plus your local
taxes, plus first payment. Shipping is not included. Maintenance is included. You may roll Inceptions+Tax into
monthly if you want to and have Excellent credit. $1k inceptions is approximately $28/month rolled into your payments if opted not to be paid down at signing.

  • 2020 Hyundai Elantra SE: $199/month , plus $1000 down, plus TAX.
  • 2020 Hyundai Elantra Value Edition: $235/month , plus $1000 Down, plus
  • 2020 Hyundai Sonata SE: $235 plus $1000 Down , plus TAX.
  • 2021 Hyundai Kona SE AWD: $255/month plus $1000 Down, plus TAX.
  • 2020 Hyundai Tuscon SE AWD: $245/month plus $1000 down, plus TAX.
  • 2020 Hyundai Kona Ultimate AWD: $286/month plus $1000 Down, plus TAX.
  • 2020 Hyundai Tuscon SEL AWD: $290/month plus $1000 Down, plus TAX.
  • 2020 Hyundai Santa Fe SE AWD: $292/month plus $1000 Down, plus TAX.
  • 2020 Hyundai Sonata Limited: $369/month plus $1000 Down, plus TAX.
  • 2020 Hyundai Santa Fe SEL 2.0 AWD +pkgs: $425/month plus $1000 Down,
    plus TAX.

I did a 36 month lease and was expecting to get either the ny or nj clean air rebate (eligible on a lease of 36 months or more…or purchase) …however I was told …if you buy from a dealer in NJ your license and registration need to be in NJ and if you buy in NY you need to have a ny license and registration. No mixing and matching between the 2 states. If you use a broker or RODO you can’t know where your car is being leased from. So now I lost out on some $$$. …anyone deal with this?

Absolutely. I always ask customers to include their zip code in the first text to me. @Jimmy_James1, you leased your car from a competitor, right? I don’t believe we worked together on your deal.

The Ioniq Hybrid that you posted here about is not eligible for a Charge UP NJ rebate or Drive CLEAN NY rebate. Only the PHEV and EV models are eligible. There are three variations of the Ioniq, the one you asked here about is not eligible for state rebates in NY or NJ.

For all customers leasing a PHEV or EV from me with state-specific incentives:

  • If you live in NJ, I direct you to a NJ dealer to pick up cars eligible for CHARGE UP NJ rebate.

  • If you live in NY, I direct you to a NY dealer to pick up cars eligible for DRIVE CLEAN NY rebate.

Pricing/supply/demand is different between the two states, however I cut through this and ensure NJ residents get the best price in NJ, and NY residents get the best price in NY.

You make a great point about Rodo not being able to make a distinction between the two states. That is definitely a gap in their process, and a place where my brokerage service at just $249 provides value over the competition. Remember, all Hyundai deals qualify for a $250 BonusDrive rebate as well.

I ensure that my customers are eligible for appropriate rebates, and answer all questions about rebates and pricing, via text message, before the deal is finalized. As an EV and PHEV broker, I specialize in making sure my customers can leverage all programs available to them, to lease the future of cars for the lowest cost of ownership, and the least amount of frustration in the process.

Please TEXT me at 551-204-8712 for quotes that are comprehensive, and a process that puts many happy new EV and PHEV lessees on the road

Mine is the PHEV 2020 IONIQ SEL. It is definitely available for the rebate in both ny and NJ.

Only if purchased/leased from a dealership in the state that you live in.

Can this rebate be double dipped?? I.E. A car is leased in NJ by a nj resident… the leasee applies for rebate and the owner of the car…aka the dealership…or title company applies for rebate also. Does 1st to fill out application win? Or will both parties get the rebate?

The way the program is set up right now only the consumer can claim the rebate. They will be switching to a dealership model at some point, supposedly before the end of the year. Once that change is announced consumers will have 90 days to claim the rebate themselves before they are unable to do so.

Updated 10/14/20. Hyundai Elantra Blowout. $194/month + Taxes&Fees. Example: $1475 DAS in NJ or $1636 DAS in NY, plus 36 payments of 194 and THATS IT.

Hyundai Elantra with gas engine leasing to NY/NJ/CT/PA/MD.

Text 551-204-8712 for quotes with your zip code and color preferences!

EV programs are still running. NJ residents all-in cost is $149 * 36 months.

How do the deals look If I wanted to buy instead of lease the 2020 Ioniq EV SE?

Wow the Palisade is a horrible lease deal.


Leasing is going to be much cheaper than purchasing. With a purchase, the purchase price is $34,020. Then you get $7500 federal and $4250 state, making your total cost $22,270.

However, with the lease, your total cost is $5364 for 3 years (5364/36=149/month). You could lease 4 cars for the price of buying one!

Additionally, with the residual value being where it is, you could lease the car and then immediately buy it out, and it would come out to cheaper than the purchase price.

There is virtually no situation where buying this car is a better financial move than leasing it. Please text me at 551-204-8712 and I am happy to run the numbers for you!

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Hi -

When you quote Ioniq EV in NJ at $149 x 36 for SE and $209 x 36 for Limited, is that cost before or after subtracting the $4,250 for ChargeUp NJ?

Does it include dealer and state fees?

I thought I was working on a great deal but compared to yours I’m either about to leave $1,975 on the table or I’m beating your deal by $2,275 and both seem improbable… what am I missing?

Thank you!

The $149 and $209 are after averaging the $4250 rebate from NJ. My pricing includes a pretty aggressive dealer discount, so make sure you’re leasing the correct car from a NJ dealer. My brokerage service helps ensure that you are taking the right steps to be eligible for the appropriate rebates, so that your 3-year total cost is in line with what I advertise.

Don’t forget, my broker fee is only $249. For that fee, you gain assurance in making sure that your lease and rebate applications follow my tried-and-proven process. You are also eligible for a $250 BonusDrive rebate, so my advertised 3-year costs include all fees and rebates averaged in, including my broker fee!

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Okay, thanks for the prompt response!

100%. Palisade does not lease well right now. You have to really want a Palisade for the lease to make sense. Just about all other Hyundai models are much better values than the Palisade right now.

For some reason, they are selling extremely well at the current price, and in many cases, higher than the prices I list for a certain clientele that “has to have it”.

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