Hiring a Broker for a Vehicle Purchase (not a lease)

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I know this is a “leasing site” but sometimes it makes more sense to purchase. I’ve been looking for 2 vehicles…a Pacifica Limited Hybrid minivan and a Mazda CX5 Carbon Turbo. With both of these vehicles, either the MF/RV are poor, the discount that I’m being offered is poor, or there just aren’t any factory incentives to make these “leaseworthy” deals. With the hybrid, the dealers I’ve contacted will not offer up the $7500 federal tax credit when you lease but if I purchase, there’s over $15k in credits and incentives ($7500-8000 from the dealer/Chrysler and $7500 on my 1040 at tax time).

Are there brokers on this site that will put together purchase deals for clients? With a fee of course.

Any broker should be able to do this. Much easier to put a deal together than any lease.

The dealers don’t have a choice in the manner. The tax credit does not apply to leases. If the manufacturer decides to extend an incentive equivalent to the amount, they can, but that isn’t the dealer’s decision.


I’ve seen the $7500 in all the Lease Calculators for Audi Etrons and other hybrid. It would have been a “no-brainer” on top of the other money Chrysler is currently throwing at customers to move these vans.

Thanks…I’ll reach out to a few in my area.

No brainer? Nope bank wants to keep that federal moola.

Bank (Financial service) can choose to pass that on or not.

Yah, audi provided an incentive equivalent to the amount of the federal rebate. Chrysler could have, but don’t want to for whatever reason.

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