Highlander vs. Telluride vs. Palisade?


I have had three leases on Highlanders–happy with the vehicle. My latest lease is ending in April; I had XLE 36/12 FWD for 399 out the door for past two leases with hard negotiations From reading here, I believe I can get a similar deal on a 2021. But before I do due diligence and go look at Telluride or Palisades, what is the ball park number I can expect for a 36/12 out the door? I am thinking it will be quite a bit more. Please comment. Thanks.

Palisade and Telluride are HORRIBLE lease #s…$$ Better off buying one of them. You will be paying about…425-500 a month for a 36/12 with a MRSP btwn $36-41k.

The Hyundai/kia (same owner) companies have been idling down production to create more of a demand…which is working since most ppl are paying msrp or 1-4% above!!

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Paging Matt @mllcb42 for the Paluride info.

Relative to the msrp, the Highlander is going to lease for much less than a comparably priced Palisade or telluride.

However, I don’t personally feel that a comparably priced Highlander is an equivalent vehicle in overall value.

The value proposition in something like the palisade is in what you get for the dollar; when it comes to leasing, that makes the xc90 a more direct comparison (albeit with a smaller third row).

Tellurides tend to lease a good bit worse than the palisade. You can still get palisades for a decent amount under msrp, as long as you’re willing to cast a very wide net. @Jimmy_James1’s price estimates are probably a bit on the lower side if anything. I’m paying $475 pre-tax with $0 das in my $41k palisade, however, I was able to stack a lot of incentives that are no longer available to get there. That was at 7% pre-incentive for comparison with current programs.

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It’s not that hard.

Choose a trim. Start plugging everything into the LH calculator beginning with MSRP.

Enter a selling price that’s around 6-7% off MSRP.

Enter RV, MF and incentives from Edmunds forums based on those for your zip.

Google the Acquisition fee for the brand if the calculator does not auto-fill it.

Google the DMV fees for your state and local tax rate if you don’t already know them.

Hit the green “Share” button and copy/paste the unique link here.

I gave him the lowest prices I was quoted …but also that’s w about 3k down…I’ve been trying to either buy a lease a telluride or pallisade for over a year…I can’t stomach paying msrp…I need 6-12% off

Just waiting

The lower end of that is totally doable on the palisade, but it’ll take shopping wide and far.

Life is short, if you really want something so bad that you’ve been waiting a year then pay fair market value and move on with your life.

Telluride EX Premiums are going for between no markup to ~$1,200 off, and there’s nothing in the market that can touch it at that price for a purchase


Does the Palisade also have the awesome amber DRLs? Sharpest aspect of the Telluride IMHO.

Nope, the amber DRLs are only on some of the tellurides (I think only the highest trim).

Palisade gets this swoosh thing

Interestingly, the little middle cut out in the light that you see between the headlight and the upper drl was a feature that for 2020 was only on the Korean spec palisades (same with the triple projector. We only get the dual projector set up here). For 21, they added the cut out to the bumper on only the Calligraphy trim in the US. All of the headlights, however, have the light, so on the rest of the palisades, it just lights up the inside of the bumper.

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