I will need a request quote so I can organize the quote. –

Everyone, here is what i am waiting for. These cars are currently all over the country. I am trying to get the approval to quote these cars for me to ship directly from our sister stores to the customer. If that is the case, then this will work. IF the car MUST come back to me, then the quotes will be useless due to the extra added cost. My goal is to make this simple and keep the costs low for everyone.


Hello, today I have been doing updates and I am trying to confirm one more discount if I can use. At this point, I may not be able to.
I am still confirming.

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Hi, interested in below:
2023 EQE 350+ Sedan
2023 EQE 350+ SUV
2023 EQS 450+ Sedan

hope to hear back, thanks!

Hello everyone. I tried for several days to get better numbers on these vehicles and tried to see what I can do to make this work.

With less incentives and little to no adjustment, it doesn’t pencil financially to make this achieveable…

With this regard, my apologies; these vehicles cannot pencil for me to quote. I am sorry, as I was trying to get two parts:

  1. The risk being minimized
  2. The incentives to work, just us the dealership to do the deal and offer you the customer the best possible price

Since both parts will not work, it just doesn’t seem financially possible for us to do this.

Again my apologies, I was trying so hard to make this viable.


Hello! I’m interested in a 2024 GLC 300 with Driver Assistance Package. Located in NJ.

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Interested in the EQB or EQE as well.

Hi Everyone! i wish i had more vehicles, so i am going to way till May to see if there are any incentives for 2024

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Hi Everyone. Can you share what deals you have seen with 2024? I have been trying to match the best I can–

You gotta entertain the crowd to get attention, my friend. Drop some discount listings, keep the trend on top or ppl wont see you.

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The incentives from MB is worth nothing now.
It is really pushing customers away.

I can only do the discounts to net. And with that, it’s not the same on 2023

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I do have to agree with you. The Mercedes-Benz Incentives seems to be going away

Any deals in Washington state

Currently no eqs deal nation wide. Go get a different car.

Any deals on ‘24 s580e?

Hi everyone! They made a change on 2023 – EQB. I have 3 is anyone still interested?