Here's your $599 Levante with 0 Down - $82450 MSRP (small print below) - So FLo

*Leases start at $599 per month, 36 months - 7,500 miles per year for stock# FM78988 MSRP of $82,400. Closed end lease subject to Tier-1 Credit approval. Total Cash Due at signing includes $0 Cash Down/Cash Cap Reduction, plus 1st month payment of $599 plus tax, Bank Fee of $795, Title, Registration and Dealer Fees. Lease End Purchase Option $43,672 Excess mileage $0.30 per mile. Must take delivery on or by September 29th and 30th, 2018. Only valid while supplies last. Not applicable towards any other vehicles, completed deals, or special orders.


Wish i can get the same deal here in SoCal…

How good is this deal ??

I would drive down to Florida and buy it but I would burn half the miles left on the lease getting back home!

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I’ll go tomorrow

Are you sure we don’t have this in Los angels

People In LA want to pay more. Bragging rights

Think @GeorgeCSL might be able to match or get similar ???

Maserati Anaheim Hills is advertising the Levante at 648 0 down if you’re interested. I think they have the Ghibli under 600

Just looked up that stock number on their website and it’s either a loaner or executive demo because it has 3575 miles on it. Still a good deal?

The maintenance cost is ridiculous. 5k oil change almost due

Make sure it’s done ahead of time early before you take delivery.

Not a great deal. The key word is “DEMO”. As these are generally sold for 15k-20k below list, they lose another 10-20% as soon as you drive the vehicle off the lot. So you are leasing a used car and thus the price is lower. If this was a brand new vehicle on the lot then it would be a different story.

Get it done at an independent shop.

Maserati of Anaheim says theyll beat any advertised deal in the nation

Hi there,
I’m looking some 19’ levante demo, I live next to Fort Lauderdale, but this guys doesn’t have any demo levante at this moment. Do you recommend some another dealer with similar demo offer?
Thank you

the exhaust sound on the maserati is so cheap, almost like an aftermarket Japanese sound that you would find on a civic. for that reason alone i would stay away from this car

what are you talking about, literally the best part about my ghibli is the sound it makes, have people ask em all the time what kind of exhaust when it is factory. They spent $10 million on R&D for the acoustics of the exhaust and it shows.

The only reason to buy a Maserati is for the sound it makes. I’ve never heard a stock Maserati sound like a tuned Civic…

yeah see, I agree there. its either you love it or hate it.