Here's why you should take your car to Carmax

I received a private party bid on one of my cars for $14K. Anyone want to guess what Carmax offered?

No, unless you tell us make/model/year/mileage of your car :slight_smile:

I would say 10% more, 15.4k

Look, it does not mean Carmax’s offer is good. It means private party tried to low-ball Max.


MAx_g is pretty smart, I don’t think he would stand for lowballers :slight_smile:

Has nothing to do with him - he got an offer.

Private party offer was market-appropriate. I would not compare to a low-ball offer.

The make/model/mileage is irrelevant because I’m not asking what the value should be, I’m just surveying what people think the differential was.

I was joking [20 chars]

$15k?(+20 characters)

Nuh. $11.5K [20 chars]

The offer from Carmax was $16,500? Answer has to be 20 characters or more it seems.

18K. I have started to hate selling cars private party so I sold my last one to carmax. Now I “sell” them all to the dealer with the residual. Giving my GMC back this week. KBB trade-in value: 18k, residual: $24.6K

The suspense is killing me…


If you have the time, it could be a worthwhile investment to take your car to Carmax. I did, but their offer was lower than Auto Force’s 60-day guaranteed price AND I ended up selling my car on a private party sale for more than both.

Only @ursus in the right direction so far…

Never had any luck with CarMax, but guessing for SUV or in demand vehicle you could get a reasonable offer. I have always found I get 10% or so more on my own.

Max is playing games with us :slight_smile: I know his title is misleading :wink:

Ha-ha. I was typing when Max posted that I was closer to the truth

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Since that’s the case I take even better shot - $10K

Do as our friend Car"F"an would do and take it to multiple CarMax to get more offers. :joy: