Here's The New 2022 Land Rover Range Rover

And it’s running a BMW N63 in the higher power variants… very interesting.

Didn’t realize JLR-BMW had that going, but that’s great for the RR club. Solid engine with better reliability than most anything JLR of the recent past.

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and the back is a knock off telly.

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Not seeing it.

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Nothing except color & boxed shape

and grill shapes, font on hood, overall proportions, blacked out pillars/mirror for the floating roof, etc


And the Caddy XT6

range rover has been the same design forever now (since the 3rd gen L322). it just looks same cuz of the color…

so if you want to say Flex looks like RR yeah…

L322 and L405 look different in design. L405 and this L460 are very similar.

Yeah I would agree with that - I’m not loving the back but perhaps I will get used to it.

I actually think the front and sides look great though appreciate not much changed there. Interior looks very good except I’m not sure I love the fact that they went with the iPad look you see in the Model 3’s and Y’s for the infotainment. Maybe I’m just old fashioned but a built in screen looks better to me while these screens look cheap and almost like an afterthought but I guess to each their own…

They look different but are a similar shape & structure…

The L405 had major changes to the grill & lights but the underlying design was very similar

These are inconsistent statements.

It either looks very similar for a number of reasons or it’s just the color. Doesn’t matter who came first.

None of these things are iconic or unique to the Flex.

If anything many of them are iconic to LR/RR, and were copied by Ford.

What RR needs to be called out for is the boring sameness of this “new” design. It’s like how Jaguar kept the XJ more or less the same for 40 years.

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They’re reasons that the two vehicles look similar. No one is arguing that the LR designers secretively had a flex in the studio as their design inspiration. They’re just shared design treatments that make them look similar.

And yes, RR is getting to be quite boring with these designs.

Lol it was just a fleeting joke folks. No need for a Talmudic discourse here, you can just move on and perhaps see your family or a loved one.


Anybody seen pricing on one of these ? Trying to figure out how much over is the going rate approximately.

The current market price for imports in the UAE is a little over 490k usd for full option. This specific car is coming from Greece.