Help with lease Audi A4 40 premium plus


Current deal:
trade-in: $22,500
positive equity from trade-in: $2500

A4 MSRP: $46800
Selling price: $42000 (10.26% off MSRP)
MF: 0.00024 (fico auto score 780)
RV: 51%
sales tax credit for trade-in: $2250
Zero drive-off
title and gov fee: 800
doc fee: 150
Monthly payment: $525

Is this a good deal for Seattle? I have heard its especially difficult to get a good deal in NW and was considering getting the car shipped from some other state.

I just leased the exact car and msrp for $387 a month 0 down 7500 miles a year. I’m in Florida though and have a great relationship with my dealer so they basically gave me the employee price.

Yours seems high to me but I’m not familiar with the Seattle market

Could you give specifics of the deal that you got? What was the MSRP and discounts, MF and RV?

All the possible leases I’m looking at are selling at MSRP, nothing is getting discounted and you received 10.26% off MSRP. In this market thats quite impressive.

Sure thing! I leased the vehicle in May, there was a great lease incentive in Florida on the A4.

I got Base money factor (you can go to edmunds to find out this months money factor)

Msrp $45,430

Purchase price $36,069

Residual value $24,236

7500 miles a year, true 0 money down at signing $387 a month

Deals can be had you just have to fight for it.

The other Audi dealer I spoke with quoted me over $500 for the same Msrp car in their stock.

The dealer I work with is by far the best, this is my 3rd Audi lease from them. Everytime I shop around I come back to them everytime. They don’t bs me, they really treat returning lease customers well.

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