Help with Jeep website incentives after build


I built a Jeep GC limited on their website with my zip code and it came back with 8750$ cash available but that seems high so wanted to reach out to you guys to see if this makes sense this month.

Here are the following items that popped up::
Northeast BC Lease cash 32LJ1- 3000
Northeast BC 2018 IDL Bonus Cash NELJA- 3750
Northeast GC Lease bonus cash NELJD- 1000
Northeast Chrysler Capital 2018 Bonus NECJ5- 500$
Northeast 2018 Bonus Cash NECJA- 500$

These are all listed under the lease side when looking at possible payments and not the finance side on the JEEP website.

Anyone know if these can all be combined as per jeep website? Not sure what the letter/number at the end each means either

Any help greatly appreciated.



If you lease via third party bank you get only idl and no chrysler capital bonus cash and vice versa, other than that the rest should stack.


Thank you very much


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