Help with Jeep Grand Cherokee L Summit Deal Check


Can y’all help me get a better deal please. Trading in Wagoneer for Jeep Grand Cherokee L Summit 4x4…

Cost : $74, 832 ( including discounts and trade pay off )
MSRP : $70,715
Discounts : $5,468
Rebate : $5000
Acq Fee : $695
Dealer Admin Fee : $699
Delivery : $300
Trade Pay off difference : $11,769
MF: .00420
RV: 54%
48 months / 12k
3k down - $1205


What vehicle are you trading in? Have you shopped it around to other 3rd parties? Why not separate the trade from the deal

I just want to make sure I am reading this properly. Is the deal for the Jeep $1205 per month with $3k down? If yes, you will be paying $60k to lease a $70k car.

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Trading in a 2022 Jeep Wagoneer Series 2 . 3rd parties are low balling the trade. These people giving me 59k which will still have me owing a little under 12k for it since it’s being rolled into the new one.

Yea those numbers are rough. Idk how to get them better.

Please don’t do that. Any reason for getting rid of the Wagoneer? $12k is a lot of negative equity.

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It’s a lemon. They won’t do the buyout. Been in the dealer for the past 3 months on and off up to 3 weeks even. Just got it last October. It’s left me dead 3 times. Not to mention all the other mechanical issues.

Contact a lemon law attorney. Free consultation. They will let you know if your case can be pursued. Please, do not except $12,000 of negative equity without talking to a lemon law expert first.


Call a lemon attorney. Dont light tens of thousands of dollars on fire.


I updated the title with more info.

Its not just the $12k negative being thrown away but all the money that would come back on a lemon claim.

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Imagine financing that much negative at that MF.


Id get a lemon law lawyer to work the case, consult with one at the very least . Itll be cheaper than rolling neg equity into a new lease…which might also be a lemon.

Thatd be a stroke of luck with that much negative equity.

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Whoa whoa - push the brakes on this deal.

As someone who has had lemons - what have you done to get compensated from Jeep? Have you contacted them? Not the dealer but Jeep corporate, what have they said? In my state, if you can’t drive for 30 days it’s a lemon. I had one like that recently got full refund. Take care of that car separately.

Next let’s talk about this deal. Unless you’re just rolling in money, paying around 1K/Month (after removing bad equity) for a GCL for 48 seems like a terrible waste of money. Doesn’t make sense. Do a little research on that car, I’ve seen better deals posted here. Or look at another. I test drove the GCL and went with a super cheap pathfinder instead, I liked it better (YMV).

I don’t mean to be harsh but before you financially commit yourself into this bad situation there are much better ways forward.

I’m buyin one in a couple weeks, you are making me think again.

Ask @AutoNinjas they have tons of GCL

There are thousands of wagoneer owners enjoying their vehicles. The vast majority aren’t posting their reviews anywhere. You’ll more than likely be fine

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If you believe the vehicle is a lemon and the dealer or manufacturer isn’t helping, why would you lease the brand again? If I took a $12k loss, I certainly wouldn’t give that $12k to the people I felt caused it.

You have a choice and the best choice is consulting a lemon law attorney for free.

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There is good reviews and bad reviews. Bad reviews are very bad. Most of them electronical issues.

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