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I’m hoping to get some feedback on the best value 3 row SUV’s. I’m halfway through my ridiculously affordable Frontier Lease and am starting to contemplate my next vehicle, a finance of either a mini-van or three row SUV due to a growing family. I just joined the Leave No Trace organization to qualify for Subaru VIP pricing.

I’m in between the Chevy Traverse (have access to family first discount), Subaru Ascent, and a Toyota Sienna. I’m hoping to keep the purchase in the mid to high 30’s (lower the better). The Subaru Ascent is getting a facelift for 2023, and I need AWD due to location. My concern is the CVT reliability.

Just seeing if you had any input to help me decide on my next finance.

Thank you!

you won’t find a Sienna, so you are down to 2.

There’s just no question the Ascent and Sienna will hold value much better than the Traverse.

The Traverse’s secondary market is flooded with ex rentals. And: Rightly or wrongly its rep has also been destroyed by popular YouTube channels featuring auto mechanics.

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You already have VIP, seems like some dealers have inventory on those (perhaps due to the fact that there’s a 2023 refresh coming?), take advantage of that and go for one of those. You don’t want to pay $8k over MSRP for a Sienna, I’m guessing. And i don’t know the deal with a Traverse, but as max mentioned, it hasn’t got the best rep and that won’t help it’s real world resale value.

Is that actually a major issue for the Ascent though? Or is that just a hypothetical for hundreds of thousands of miles down the road? I would say let it ride and if you have serious concerns, before you get to the end of your 5-yr / 60k powertrain warranty, add on an extended warranty if you’re planning on keeping it past that all the way up to 100k miles?

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“No you DID NOT get a good deal. You got a Traverse.”

I’m not we’ll informed when it comes to the actual technology and mechanics of CVT. It just seems that these CVT’s have a poor reputation.

Thanks for the reply. I’m leaning towards the ascent. I’m going to get a 7 seater, when it comes to residual value down the road, how much of an impact are the different trim levels? Based on my budget it seems like either an onyx or premium are my two choices.

CVT Nissan have a HORRIBLE reputation, the others…are ok, I still prefer the old type.

CVT’s main bad rep comes from Nissan.

And what @TypeSH said.

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