Help with Chevrolet Incentives

I’m definitely going to buy a car now is the end of the year almost is time, but I can’t wait until December I wish I could.

Im trying to get a new 2016 Chevrolet Cruze Premier. I don’t know what are the incentives available, theres always a few that are hidden or left out.

Im actually buying and not leasing.

Im buying and is a cruze premier

Chevy’s website has everything for buying. This forum is aimed for leasing so this might not be the best place to ask

There is nothing to “hack” when buying a vehicle. If there is a 0% APR offer and not a lot of cash offers from Chevy, just go negotiate a great selling price with the dealer. If there are a lot of cash incentives, shop around credit unions for a good rate and finance through them.

Browse inventory on and use the Shop.Click.Drive tool to find the current incentives.