Help with calculator on 4xe


Can anyone help me with this calculator
Msrp 56385
Selling price 48561
Incentive 7500
Down payment 1k
RV 55
MF 203
Dealer shows 35 payments of 327 calculator shows 338

Did you mean 65%?

You’re missing the acq.

DAS or cap reduction? Assuming the former. Your calc is showing $0 DAS

Correct 65 RV adquisición fee is waived only DAS was 1k downpayment

Must be dealer fees & gov fees where its off. We’re talking only $11/month here and their price discrepancy is in your favor.

I know is confusing because the original MSRP is 54575 so I am assuming they put the increase Msrp of may and give me a bigger discount because the selling price didn’t change

Got it, I’m not super familiar with how the 4xe MSRP changes affected the leases. This thread is bound to have the answer:

Your discount looks excellent

It’s a great deal. Sign it.

Is already sign just trying to understand better the numbers

Ooohhh… I finally get to be the one to ask this… what dealer, please?
For that discount, I’ll ship the darn thing.

If you got the cash consider a one-pay and save over $2k or $60/mo.

This usually never turns out well. Fortunately this isn’t one of those cases!

I had it calculated at 335-340 depending of the fees not sure why it came down to 327 but better for me

They told me they can replicate anymore

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