Help with $3,000 Buildout Allowance available on BMW 320i Sedan

Hello All,

BMW has a $3,000 Buildout Allowance available on BMW 320i Sedan models. I’m trying to figure out how to factor this in to negotiations and calculations. Any know what this is and how to use it?

Sure, its a rebate that is applied to the lease to reduce the payments.

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I think Buildout is applied toward selling price, not as cap cost reduction.

Do you know if this will apply on demos?

This will not effect demo’s since the dealer took all incentives when the car was punched.

what do you mean by “punched”… sorry for my ignorance

No problem, It means the car is registered as a sale and all incentives are taken at that time. At that point the car may be used as a loaner, an executive car, or really just about anything. Thats why when you find demos or loaners they are considered used even though they qualify for new bmw lease rates.

What if it was never registered (no registration history on car fax) and just sold to auction as a manufacturer vehicle?

Same thing, its still technically a used vehicle and does not qualify for building out cash, lease cash and things like that. I believe they do qualify for loyalty though. Not sure about recent grad and BMWCC or USAA. In the past they have not qualified for the ultimate drive coupons either.

The build out cash is towards purchase only, not on leases. they do have $1000 certificate cash right now towards a lease. That bulletin was released after the programs were on the 5th.

Incorrect. Build-out cash reduces the selling price, regardless if it’s purchase or leasing.

yes your right the build out cash can be used with a lease. There is no build out cash currently on the 320i. Only the $1000 certificate cash currently.

There are a limited amount of certs available to dealers.