Help with 2019 Acura TLX AWD A Spec Lease

I live in PA 16509 I am also shopping the Buffalo Market 14201 and Cleveland Market 44102.

I’m looking for the best deal on a 15k lease I have a trade a 2010 VW CC SPORT with 86k that I was quoted twice at 3500.

I was quoted on a AWD 15k lease from crown acura in Cleveland tech package for 440 a month for 36 months with trading in my car and putting nothing else down

I was quoted in Erie at contemporary motors for the AWD 15k lease base for 391 a month for 36 months with also trading in my car and putting nothing else down

Are either of these good deals?
I dont feel like they are
I really want the FWD A Spec package for these prices I was quoted on lesser models is this possible ? And if it is would it require putting my whole trade towards it…help me please :slight_smile:

Nobody can evaluate deals without:

Selling price
Money factor
Residual value
Acq fee
Tax rate

Separate the transactions. Sell your car somewhere. Then, lease a new one somewhere else.

This was for 10k miles on the tech package he said to add about 40.00 for a 15k lease


Some quick (possibly not perfect) math shows that if you use the calculator and back out the trade in, you’re roughly $488 / month which is not fantastic for a car with that msrp but it’s not horrific. I’d call it an average deal, which here is a bad deal.

Definitely recommend obscuring your personal data and definitely recommend separating the transactions. Sell one place. Buy another. Keep the deals separate to avoid conflating various bits.

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Acura TLX leases tend to suck, so just know you’ll spend more on what is a last generation Accord than competitor vehicles.

Don’t get the fascination with the TLX. The Accord is the best mid-size luxury car Honda makes, not the TLX.

Also, speerate the transactions! Trade-in the CC and get a check. But also, don’t mention the trade in before you have a deal. If you do, they’ll just low ball you on the trade and “take” some of that money from the deal. Get the car appraised at Carmax as a baseline.

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Thank you the reason I was choosing tlx over accord was I wand a car with awd and I dont believe accord offers that but I’m gonna check.

Thank you for the feedback I’m new to the site I l ok VW it though gonna be using this a lot now that I’m know exactly what info I need and how to use it to my advantage I am learning quite a bit in a short amount of time.

SH AWD is an incredible system and if you really feel like you “need” AWD, it’s a great choice.

However anything but the base TLX FWD models will not lease well due to the awful residuals. These cars are financially way better to buy used to take advantage of the bad residual and keep long term if you like them. As others have said, sell the CC totally separately unless you can get a dealer to approach a carmax or caravana valuation.

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