Help with 2017 Chevy Volt lease in Las Vegas

Just got a quote for a Volt - need help to get this number down!

MSRP - 34,645
Gm Lease Rebate - (4610.00)
Costco Invoice Rebate - (2000.00)
Bonus Tag - (500.00)

Vehicle Price - 27,535.00

36 month / 12k

With 0 down and out of pocket , payments come out to $384. Seems super high. Any suggestions? I don’t think I’m eligible for any other rebates.

You being in a non-CARB state, it may be tough to get dealers to budge more off MSRP than what the Costco discount offers. A quick Truecar check shows that dealers in Las Vegas aren’t offering more than $1,500 as a dealer discount, so the $2k Costco discount may be the best you can get right now.

Assuming average taxes/fees, that $384 quote is probably accurate.

Negotiate a deal via email and then Drive/Fly to California.

Do you think there are better enough deals in Socal - even for a NV resident??

In SoCal, you should be able to get a much higher dealer discount. You won’t receive any additional lease incentives, but the dealer discount could be as much as $4k off MSRP.

If you could find a SoCal dealer to agree to a $4k discount, even including shipping costs, the SoCal Volt would be much cheaper than a local one. Should have no problem finding a SoCal dealer willing to lease a Volt to a NV resident. I believe Keyes Chevy in Van Nuys would be willing, and they have lots of Volts!