Help w/ Acura Lease Ending in Texas (08/2024)

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Newbie here with a pretty basic question… my Acura 2022 MDX lease is ending in August of this year. We are way under miles (originally had 15k/y). Curious about options/suggestions we could pursue… everything from possibly selling bc of the equity (?) to leasing the same car to whatever else.

TIA, Jim

Buying it out is another option.

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Well the 2025 MDX’s just received a refresh. Now have a touch screen among other updates

2024’s are selling for around 13%-14% off before rebates. 20% off with rebates if you have loyalty

AFS still offers rollover miles into the next AFS lease

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Very cool. Thank you,

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How do I “arm” myself with this information? Thanks for any insight,

You presumably could use the calculator to construct a deal (monthly + DAS) and tell the dealer, “If you agree to these numbers, I’ll come by today to sign and pick it up.”

Question: are Acura dealers offering tax credits?