Help w/ 2019 Volvo XC60 T5 Momentum Lease

Hello! Would love your expertise on this lease.

Volvo XC60 T5 Momentum w/ Premium & Multimedia packages + heated seats/ steering.
3-year; 15k/ year lease. Currently at $535/ mo. w/ ~$1k DAS.
Reside in Wisconsin.

Here’s the link to the calculator with all the details: calculator link

Any advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Ultimately, I’d love to be around $450/ mo. with only first-month’s payment due at signing. Is this doable?

You need to separate out the dealer discount from the incentives and rebates that are being applied to evaluate the deal.

I don’t have the breakout – but have emailed the dealer to find out. Will update if/ when they provide this additional info.

Also, salesman just now mentioned that this was a loaner vehicle. Currently has 4400 miles on it.


In the future, I’d recommend working out what the incentives are, MF, and RV prior to contacting a dealer. You want to approach your negotiations from a position of knowledge.

This is going to lower your residual value and raise your payment, unless the discount increases accordingly.

Is the $535/ $1k DAS a number that the dealer gave you or what you’re assuming based on the sales price they’re quoting?

$535/ ~$1k DAS is a number the dealer gave me. Here’s a copy of the info sheet they provided:

They’re not applying a loaner fee reduction there. Means they’ve either forgot it, and you need to expect another $1000 added to your cost or you’re going to have to eat the 4400 miles out of your mileage limit.

Head over to edmunds and get them to confirm the incentives, MF, and RV for you.

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Bad. Really bad. Awful.


In the midwest, all the lease offers I’m getting are terrible. :disappointed:

Don’t ask them what they want you to pay. Tell them what you want want to pay and negotiate from there.

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If you can’t hit the numbers yourself, you might want to see what @Benedetto can do.


Per Edmunds, $2k dealer incentive. No additional incentive on demo/ loaner. MF is confirmed at .00099 and residual 54% (T5 MOM AWD).

So your actual residual is going to be about 51.9% because of the mileage knockdown for a loaner.
$2k incentive is pretty poor. You can probably get a better deal on a higher trim level with more incentives.

Thoughts on this lease? This is a T6 (not T5 as thread suggests - moderator moved it here). Is 10% discount prior to incentives a good price? Any other factors I should be considering? Thanks!

The loaner bonuses, if any, are generally not visible to Edmunds.

The T6 is not a loaner. Thanks.

10% is on the lower end of a great discount. You can probably push for another percent or two, but you’re in the right ballpark.

Maxing MSDs will save you more money.

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Offer from dealer in Phoenix AZ. Can’t get the calculator to add tax and fees into amount of lease. There is a $3500 lease incentive if we qualify with VCFS, which should not be an issue.

They’ve offered $539 monthly tax included.
$550 DAS

That puts you at 9% pre-incentive discount. On an outgoing 19, there’s room for improvement there.

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Can you confirm Arizona is a monthly tax state on leases? I’ve googled everything. Other first offers I got from dealers had upfront taxes of $3k+. My actual current lease has it listed monthly. Was that dealer just listing anything anywhere to pad the deal? One also listed a ‘lieu’ fee.