Help! Porsche Panamera and new lease

Hello all!
Asking for help and advise, I’m currently with a Panamera e hybrid 120k msrp, paying nearly 1400 monthly, I have individuals want take over my lease but Porsche lease assumption department been closed and they have no idea when they will reopen…
So I’m looking to a new lease to lower my payment because I’m afraid economy will go worse.
Been to several dealership and I’m looking at around 13k up side down.
I want my new lease around 600-800. Which brand I should go?
Any suggestion welcome!

I hope you are not thinking of trading in your Panamera with that much negative equity. Wait until PFS restarts lease transfers.

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$13k upside down is $361+rent charge+tax per month. Your request is wholly unreasonable and unrealistic


Absolutely not. We can put him in a 149 jetta and he will Be under budget and still drive a car with better style than the hunchback of notre Porsche.

If VW Credit approves that high of a LTV

Not gonna happen. Can close thread now…

Hyundai Palisade / Kia Telluride. $600/mth and roll that neggy eggy in… there you go…

Aren’t you a former or current X6 owner?

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OP can post in the Wanted section if he wants