Help on Lease evaluation for Genesis 2023 G70

Yea unfortunately my 2013 “Hyundai” Genesis coupe is at the end of its road and wasn’t going to continue pouring money into it. Also didn’t enjoy driving it anymore. So when I saw how far the genesis brand came and now a “luxury” brand I was impressed and the performance for the money.

Are you open to other options?

Well at first I was shopping for the Lexus IS 350 bc it was a beautiful car but then when I saw and tested the Genesis I was blown away. The BMW M340 is more expansive and really hard to get. No one had it in south Florida @Bacons_C.C may have it but not sure what workability % off MSRP would look like. Nothing else caught my eye yet.

Have you seen the i4?

Yea does not appeal to me too much

Not to hijack this thread but I’ve received an offer on the same car for:

MSRP 57345
Sale price 54500
Rebate 1500
Net cap after document/acquisition fee: 54548.50

Base payment 684.02
total with tax 698.18

Due on delivery (tax,tags, fees, and 1st month): 3510.20

Residual 34307

any thoughts? Shopped around multiple dealers in NJ/NY area and this was best I could get.

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No worries at all. I’m glad you shared that information it is helpful to know what others deals people are getting.

could you possibly share the paperwork to see the breakdown?
I’m sure it will be helpful for future reference to the community

I am currently working this deal on the finance side it has >3k miles. They tried to sell me the CPO for $1300. I didn’t think it was necessary but apparently that is what they pay Genesis to ensure the car qualifies for “certified pre owned”. They ended up taking it off. thoughts everyone

Raul, delete your PII!

What do you mean, can you please expand?

PI= personal information, just trying to look out for ya:). I think you got it blacked out now; don’t know much about predriven vehicles for genesis and leases


From a lease perspective, this car is not worth that much … and given the programs (RV, MF and lease cash) you’ll never get there how much you negotiate.

Finance it if you really like it.

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