Help on a bmw m340


Can someone school me here. I have an order pending for a Mercedes c43 sedan. I left a 500 non refundable deposit. I was thinking about throwing out an offer to Bmw on the m340 since I have a m235 coming off lease in July. If the numbers are better then Mercedes I would take the 500 hit which would be negated since I’d owe disposition on the Bmw lease. Msrp on the m340 I’d look to order is 60935. I was going to offer 8 percent off msrp plus I believe 3000 in rebates due to 1k lease cash and 2k loyalty. Think this is too much or to little to go in at? I’m not eligible for msd due to ny but I guess I go look in nj to get it. Any insight if this is even worth it?