Help on a Alfa Romeo Stelvio deal currently working numbers

Hi Hackrs,

I been sending dealers emails trying to get a good deal on a base awd Stelvio

MSRP $48,635 options includes cold weather package, driver assist dynamic plus package, driver assistance /front sensors package, 19inch wheels and dual- pane sunroof.

I am in the New York area (Long Island)
The dealer that gave me an offer was from jersey
Fullerton CJDR Alfa Romero fiat

24/10K $2,500 due at signing that included taxes and fees the payment is $468 a month.

Let me know if this is a good deal? Ive seen so many good deals on here that it got me thinking it’s not the best deal. I seen deals with $0 down on here with msrp af 45K so I know I can possibly get better, but the guy is not going any lower.

I would walk…

I’d say $0 down and that payment? And he will go lower… just give it time.

Yes! Exactly what I said I was like ive gotten an offer for $0 down how come your offer has $2,500 due at signing. The salesman said I don’t know where you got that offer from I’m sorry but my deal is the real deal taxes fees. So basically he can’t do any better, so yeah I just won’t bother to reply back.

I am in no rush anyway since my Jeep lease end will be this August, but if I can get a good deal then I’ll try to get into the stelvio.

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Yeah thats too high, on my 2017 Giulia , granted the msrp was lower at 46k, i did 750 down, plus taxes and fees, payment is 300 a month with 24/10k.

I did a 48.3K MSRP for $480/mo 24/10. $0 Drive off. 8% tax included.

Expand your search a bit more!

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Yes I have to keep searching for sure.

@emiliog87 Thata a great deal you got, I’m in NY so different I suppose plus 2018 stelvio. Where you get yours?

Orange county California