Help on 330e Lease

Hey guys,

Looking at a 2018 330e, MSRP around $53k. I inquired about a lease and they quoted me the same number from BMW’s website: $4k due at signing and #389/mo.

What’s a reasonable counter? Would love to end up paying like $350/mo with $3k at signing if possible.

I leased a new 330e back in Feb. that was around the same MSRP in SoCal. I was able to negotiate around a 10% discount off the MSRP before incentives. RF took a hit due to needing 12k miles instead of 10k per year, and MF was slightly inflated. I’m paying ~$440 a month before taxes with zero down, which is effectively $350 a month with $3000 down.

Probably need more info from you to get a better idea of what you can get: location, do you qualify for any rebates, etc.