Help needed in locating good lease in FL (Make & model not that important)

Hi all,

I have been trying to replicate any of these deals here but usually a complete failure. The Tiguan in December was the only one I saw the good offer but they had no stock so that did not work out.

I emailed a few VW dealers to get the price down to $141 + tax a month but $2,499 due at signing (includes 1st month and bank fee). So all in it is over the limit I set myself for a lease (never leased before).

Anybody got any recent good (great would be better but I am being realistic) in FL? Which make/model and dealership?

I tried replicating the Camry, Cruze, Malibu, Jeep, VW deal and here I am with no positive results as of yet.
I assume I could try the Ford Fusion offer given that they provide an extra $2k even for junkers , to reduce the crappy $2500 due at signing and well come to at least a meh lease.

I tried working with the Truecar quotes and then the specifics that are listed here but for some reason never end up getting anywhere close to the payments posted here. I am just not willing to shell out more, I think leases for me only worth a consideration when I get it cheaper than the official offer (otherwise meh at best).

So looking for either 24/36 months and even 10k miles is fine as I just need it for work and everything else we use my wife’s new car.

  • Do own old GM brand
  • New Toyota (financed)
    no college / military would apply to me either.

thanks !!

What is your budget? I know you said it doesnt matter but ideally what type of car would you like? Small sedan, mid-size sedan or SUV. What part of FL?

  • East coast S FL
  • Budget wise, at least I planned on staying under $200 (so that with all fees I do not exceed that limit). That is more of a “I don’t want to pay more” limit. I just need it to get to work (very close) and a few miles etxra, so do not see sense (for me personally) to pay more for this very basic task.

I’d say Small sedan is fine, it truly depends on overall cost. I mean if a Cruze is only $10 less a month than say a Tiguan, I’d pick the Tiguan.

I just find it hard to get any of the quoted prices here from any dealership, unless it is the official lease posted on the dealer site (or manufacturer site).

Thanks a lot for any insights here

I would try looking at the Civic LX. It currently has a residual of 60% and a money factor of .00087. Those are pretty decent figures for a newly redesigned vehicle. If you lease for 39 months, you should be able to get very close to your target price, although you may have to come up 10 bucks or so depending on the sale price of the vehicle. If you can wait and dont need the car right away, I would do that because generally speaking, this is not the best time of the year to lease. Also as a fellow Floridian, I find that generally speaking the discounts/deals in our state are not as good SoCal.

Call a central/northern FL dealership and negotiate over there. It’s often worth the trip. I’ve been leasing cars in S. FL for 15 years and i can tell you from experience that you will not get a good lease in S. FL. The dealerships have so much business that they don’t need to negotiate much. A smaller dealership with excess inventory outside of S.FL will yield you a better price. Make sure you have something in writing before heading up there to take delivery or they’ll jerk you around once you get there.

I did try to start looking a little further up but in terms of official incentives I guess the South in general is not much included. I guess I will have to go further up closer to state border and see if prices (based on truecar is what I can only look at), at least are lower.

How did you negotiate your leases? Did you start with selling price (for me would be based on truecar) and then just go from there? I found the hardest part so far to really get any of the incentives, unless I find it directly on the manufacturer’s website. I have no problem with driving a couple of hours if it is worth it , so that would not be a problem at all. Definitely trying to get something in writing, which I found hard a lot of times as they just state “I will beat this deal” etc. The only one where I have had any decent luck so far was the Tiguan S. Given that the offers are posted directly on some dealer sites I played them against each other and so far I am at $141 a month, but with $2500 due at signing it still is not where I’d like it to be.

@305 hacker, any recommendations for certain dealerships based on your experience? Not sure if you only lease a certain make but as I mentioned I am trying to stay within my set budget (plus minus a few surely is ok)

@Brian will look into the Civic. Are those numbers good here in FL as well? (sorry not familiar if Honda is national or regional like Toyota).

Thank you both for your input

Yep. I’m in Tampa and can say the dealers are pretty competitive and will deal unlike Miami. Honda’s offers are National for the most part. I have been buying/leasing cars for over 20 years and have ALWAYS found Honda dealerships to be the easiest to work with.

Thanks, will give it a look and just expand to west coast and further north and see what I can get. Every time I think nice I found something I add in all fees etc. and am back to $250 per month even with a supposedly low monthly rate.

Any particular honda dealership you dealt with in the past?

I’ve had good luck at Winter Haven Honda. They are a Truecar dealer too.

I am trying with chevy and VW dealers that are within 1 hour of me now given that

  • The chevy malibu LTD is $119 / month with $999 due at signing., just need to include my $500 private offer I guess. Was not able to find out whether the lease cash or anything applied there as well.
  • VW Tiguan lists as $199 / month with $2,499 due at signing. The conquest cash is listed separately with $1,500. So that would reduce cap cost and monthly to ~$157 (and a few). All in that does not seem like such a bad deal and I realize a lot of dealer offering below the $199 most likely just include that conquest cash to get to the $156 offer I have for example.
  • Honda so far I saw only a civic that came to roughly the same price or costs more (depending which dealership, although one has free maintenance for 2 years)

Shall see what comes out of this/.

i sent you a private msg…did you see it?

Thanks , I did not see it but reading it now. Guess the email alerts I got were just for the forum posts not private messages.