Help me understand this worksheet

I am very new to this and this worksheet is very, very busy.
How do I get this into the calculator to understand the deal?

Location: NJ
Car: 2024 Nissan Rogue SV
MSRP: $37,230
Selling: $35,530
Mileage: 12k
36 months

Monthly Payment: $528
DAS: $528

run quickly


This will walk you through how to get it into the calculator. With that said, if you dont know what the deal should be before you ever talk to a dealer, youre setting yourself up for failure.

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You will get more help if you post your LH calc attempt for review…it will be a good exercise for you to do and help you to eventually generate your own target payment/DAS to propose to dealers.

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To be exact, your DAS = 866.75 with 35 remaining monthly payments of 527.25 each.

The knucklehead dealer computed taxes (52.93) on the 799-doc fee and capped them which is why they show a slightly inflated payment of 528.85. That is completely wrong. Your sales tax in NJ is levied on the sum of the base payments as follows…

491.88 x 36 x 6.625% = 1173.13

If you would like to see more calculations (e.g., base payment, lease payment, etc.), please let me know.

PS: I frown on using online calculators and prefer to use only those that I’ve created (Excel, Mathematica). And, frankly, I would refuse to do business with dealers that can’t perform calculations correctly. There is no excuse.


Now, do as @gohawks23 suggests…

You are in NJ and not looking at some kind of EV?

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no it isn’t.

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ps OP i’d be at 454 w just broker fee due at signing on the SV premium.

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Really? Look at the dealer WS. What conclusion am I supposed to arrive at? Total lease inception fees, according to the WS is 868.35 which is wrong for reasons explained above.

Thats what the inception fees are, not the cash due at sale.

Per that sheet, its $529 due at sale.

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I need 3 leases. I am coming out of 3 Nissan Rogues now. I am looking at whatever I can get into for a decent price. I can do 2 EV but I want 1 of them to be ICE. I drove the Polestar 2 today and loved it. I am trying to get a deal on the Ariya. Looking at the EV6 later this week.

Which leaves a cash deficiency of 339.35 per the WS. Who pays that? Santa Claus? Customer cash is 529 leaving a deficiency of 339.35.

It gets capitalized

paid out of funding proceeds…

i can do the rogue, the nissan and a polestar 2 in 1 deal for you lol

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No, they don’t Show me in the WS where they’re capitalized. I made the calculations myself and they’re not capped. Would you like to see the base payment and lease payment calculations proving they’re not capped?

Yes they do

It gets rolled into the adjusted selling price, which increases the adjusted cap cost and plus ups the selling price to the dealer to actually pay the registration to the dmv.

And, you know this how? Where does the funding for the deficit come from? Out of the goodness of the dealer’s heart? Can’t really trust the WS. They already made a mistake by capping the tax on the doc fee. What else is wrong?