Help me lease something for $200

Looking to lease something for around $200 (all inclusive), that’s all we can really afford right now. I’m hoping to get atleast a midsize to full size car for this price for maybe 3 years / 15K. This is will be my first time leasing and please let me know right away if I’m dreaming and this isn’t possible. Thanks guys!

You would be able to get a camry or corolla for your budget.

Thanks for the quick reply Cody_Carter, how should I start the process…do I just start emailing dealers for a quote? Are there any examples you can show me?

If you have time and really want to get a hold of what’s going on I would suggest that you get the residual and money factor values for the car you are looking for and calculate the monthly payments yourself. These values would also depend on months and mileage you are looking for which you have stated as 3 years / 15K. After you understand everything then you should start talking to dealers to better negotiate. Also check or other web-sites as well since those would have cars with good deals.

Also read “How To Calculate Lease Payments By Hand” thread under this web-site to understand how the calculation works.

For myself, it really helped me negotiate better with the dealers to doing the calculations first and understanding what comes into factor in the leasing price.

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If you need 15k then id look at Sentra, Cruz, Corrola,Dart

With socal taxes, 0 down 0 driveoff Chevy cruze u r looking at 208/month with 12k miles. Taxes included. Assuming you have good credit.

This is automatic LS 2016 Model

Second option 0 down 0 drive off socal 2016 kia optima hybrid lx 12k / year. 2 year lease. $190/month including LA tax. Thanks to Ivan_D !

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I’m interested in this hybrid…do you have a breakdown? I’ll try to have the dealer’s here in bay area match it.


I’ve narrowed my search to 2016 Ford Fusion SE Hybrid or 2016 Sonata Hybrid.

Does anybody know the current residual, MF and current incentives for both cars?

What are Sentra deals like these days? Anyone know MF, RV and incentives?

I ended up leasing 2017 Chevy volt, came out to $213/month including taxes

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Can you get me specifics on this?!

Was there any down payment?