Help me find a deal! 2016 BMW X5 or 2016 Mercedes GLE

Ok so wife is killing me. Insists on one of these 2 SUVs. I’m fine with it being a 2016 because it means that I get the best deal. If it is a BMW then I want a X5 40e or X5 50i. If it is a Mercedes I want the GLE 450. Ideally I would like to do anywhere from 24 months to 36 months max. I will need 10k miles a year. I am fine with doing max msds. Ideally want a good amount of options. I am in Socal (LA) and I am willing to travel for a great deal, but would prefer to stay close. Any suggestions on dealers and any other info is appreciated. All of the dealers I have contacted have been talking crazy numbers and unwilling to work with me. Help me out fellow Hackrs! Thanks in advance!!!

Search is your friend.

If you’re looking for a deal, X5 xDrive40e is where it’s at.

2017 X5 xDrive40e
24/10K: 64% residual, .00136 MF
36/10K: 58% residual, .00136 MF
All: $3,000 lease cash
Targeted: $1,000 lease loyalty, grad

2016 X5 xDrive40e
24/10K: 65% residual, .00136 MF
36/10K: 59% residual, .00136 MF
All: $3,000 lease cash
Targeted: $1,000 lease loyalty, grad

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Ya I guess the help is more along the lines of the Mercedes sonce a bunch of posts about the X5 40e has popped up lately.

I thoughy it was 2k lease cash not 3k?

3500 for i perf

And like you said 1k for loyalty or corp credit…or both combined possibly 2k?

Does anyone know how much the residual drops once you go over the 5k mile mark?? Looking into a few demos potentially. If say it is 3 year 30k and its 59% what does it go down to if it is say 10k on the car??


You are more apt to get a deal with BMW X5 than Mercedes GLE

Ya man you are right on that and I’m ok with that.

The residual value drops by 20 cents for every mile over 500. So if it has 5000 miles, it would reduce the residual by $900.

Ok great! Sounds good. Thanks for your help!

Could one of you guys help me come up with the actual monthly numbers using the information you provided for the BMW X5 xDrive40e?

I notice everyone provides the same numbers like the MF, Residual, etc. I want to know how you guys are plugging it in or where? I tried using the LeaseHackr calculator for this example of the BMW X5 but I am not sure if my monthly numbers were wrong and if I plugged in the correct information where it belongs in the Calculator.

Try this “step-by-step” calculator: It’s simpler to use, IMO.

I would like to try and use the leasehackr calculated as it is provided here and I feel everyone here provides the information in a way that is meant to be input in the leasehackr calculator. Thanks though!

It looks like BMW is offering different numbers for October than what was posted above:

You can see the residual is still the same by looking at the MSRP and purchase option price in the offer:
37226 / 63095 = 59%

Then further down, you can see they list a $3500 Lease Credit plus a $2000 Option Allowance, for a total of $5500 lease cash to use.

I found a loaded 2016 X5 xDrive40e at a local dealership with an MSRP of $70145.I filled out the lease calculator assuming I can negotiate a 10% discount and used my local doc fee, registration fee, and tax rate:

No it’s the same incentives. 2k on the x5. 3500 is the electric i perf credit. Then you can get corp 1k and or loyalty 1k.

I actually had a 70k 40e car but I wanted more options. I could of had it for $550 a month with taxes.

I ended up switching it up and grabbed a demo x5 50i. Got it for 760 a month with taxes. 88k sticker car with every option besides 1. Could of beat it down little more but I loved it…either way it was a good deal to me

This forum is a great place.

Thanks everyone for your input.

I was referring to the lease cash that Michael posted.

You shouldn’t be trying to find a deal on either car. You need to narrow it down to one model and work on that model alone. You’ll get flustered by all the differences and nuances between the cars and you’ll have decision paralysis.

As others have said the X5 will lease much better overall.

Super helpful! Wow very appreciative! Thank you!

what were the breakdown to get a 70k 40e to $550 after tax? im looking to switch over and this would save me a lot, thanks !

My 2016 X5 40e had an MSRP of $73K - 36/10 lease is $599 per month including 9% CA tax.

Residual was 60% in August and 59% now.

2016 X5 40e
Initial Cap cost 66,855.
MF - 0.00068
$6500 rebates ($3500 BMW lease, $2000 performance Aug BMW, $1000 loyalty or Corp)
Residual 60%
7 MSD’s ($4550)
Tax rate 9%
Drive off - $6395
Monthly (including tax) $606.35 (if I add $230 to drive off I can get this below $600 and thereby lower my MSD total to $4200)

These are all great deals.

The one for $550 had $1500 down in the equation. Otherwise similar to the one above but had a 70k msrp. 6500 off for incentives. Also had 7 msds.