Help me figure out this QX60

What am I missing they gave me the works sheet below but when I put the number in the calculator the payment is much less. I am new to all this.
Thank you so much

Qx60 luxe w/ sensory package
Msrp. 59,230
Selling 51,052
Fees. 305.00
Tax. 3,076
51% rv
MF .00003

$631 payment after tax
But below is what the calculator gave me

Your mf looks off, if its true they basically aren’t charging you any interest at all :thinking:

Don’t do anything like that I would recommend you reach out to @HN308. Back in April of last year I worked with him to get my 2018 QX60. It had everything but theater package and I bought $5,000 damage waiver with 39/15 for $450/month (max MSDs).

I don’t know what the current incentives are for your area but even after the broker fee I can’t imagine you couldn’t get a better deal with him.

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Per Edmunds, that’s the correct MF.

Does anyone know if the RV is correct? Also I can not account for $1,000

The contract doesn’t get funded if the RV is not correct, so dealerships have very little reason to fudge that. If you want to confirm yourself, head on over to the specific Edmunds forum (Google “2019 QX60 MF” and it should be one of the first results) and make a post.

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Thank you.

I think you should seek a broker for the QX60. Search the forums.

I saw some QX60 leasing for $350/month or less recently.

If it’s $3K in taxes, you look to be in a state that pays it on the purchase price, not the monthly lease price. Could be your problem right there. Also, You should be pay a few hundred bucks in DMV fees and why do you have $1,000 down as cap cost? What is the exact amount due at signing?

You are missing some numbers. Also, could have some infamous dealer add-ons included pushing that price up.

Can you post the actual worksheet with your info covered up?